Robots taking over the world slowly and steadily as Alibaba Group introduces their future hotel

Robots have become commoners nowadays. One can find robots at unusual places doing usual things. The robot revolution still seems a farfetched idea but it is slowly and steadily happening around us. There are things which a robot can do in minutes but a human cannot. Also, there are many factories where robots are built to work in hazardous conditions and have reduced the human effort. This is also a scare to a lot of working community as their jobs might take a hit but it certainly is not happening anytime soon.

India, however, seemed a long way off robots but have seen taking strides in this route of technology as well. There are certain authorities who are working hard and moving forward in this field. One can find robots in bank headquarters now and there are robots introduced for kids to learn nursery rhymes from them. Some of these things are really great as it reduces human effort. India is anyhow doing it as robots are now introduced on airports and museums.

There is a Jaipur-based wax museum which introduced a robot back in August of this year. The robot was supposed to perform certain tasks but was in its earlier stage of development. It would meet and greet the entrants and tell them about the art and statues present at the museum. The famous Jaipur Wax Museum reported that the robot can move its head 28 degrees and demonstrate the various museum art with its hand.

Apart from this, the Chennai airport also introduced a robot in August. The robot is named ‘Mitra’ and has many features from walking to talking. The Airports Authority of India has backed this and said that there will be more robots in the international terminals as well. This robot will help passengers to find certain places like security checks and also their boarding gates which is a task in itself. The robot will be able to greet the passengers and walk with them. The robots are programmed to answer queries of the passengers as well.

That said, Alibaba Group has gone a step further from all this. They have introduced a future hotel which goes by the name of Flyzoo Hotel. The future hotel as it is known is run by the robots. There are interactive robots who will do almost everything for the guests, although these robots haven’t replaced the humans altogether. The hotel has a very intelligent AI which can change the room temperature, take care of the curtains, change the television channels, and many such things with the help of your voice. It is also integrated with ordering things like groceries and food.

Alibaba Group has plans to introduce more of these hotels in the future. They are planning eight such hotels in the near future and will have more robots than Flyzoo has. However, the current hotel has robots everywhere in the hotel. They are the guides and run face recognition of the guests. They haven’t taken place of the housekeeping staff as of now but that will happen as well.

All of this reminds me of the movie Wall-E which showed us the future as to how humans lost their ability to walk and move around just because there were robots to work for them. It also shows us how our planet lost the ability to contain us and any living being and all that remained of the planet was the junkyard used by us. Robots are good for us but there are certain things which should be taken care of by humans and humans only. Technology is good but too much technology is hazardous.

– Unmesh Phule

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