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Roblox surpasses the 90 million monthly active users mark

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Games allow the players to control the environment according to their imaginations. It helps them to control one player or many other elements of the game and its environment, which is next to impossible in the real world. This has allowed for huge growth in the gaming industry over the past 5 decades. However, in recent years, since the turn of the millennium, the games have started taking different shapes with the advent of new and advanced technology.

We saw a whole new world with the so-called Open-World Games where there is a huge digital space to move around and play in. Then we saw the introduction of Virtual Reality, which was then followed by Augmented Reality. In between, we also witnessed the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, which can modify its acts, or the game functions according to the situations’ needs. All these made the new games very immersive and that is why the number of players also increased steadily over the years.

Gaming platforms have become very popular over the years. Roblox is one such platform that has reached new heights with a valuation of more than $2.5 billion. According to Tech Crunch, on last Sunday, the platform reached a new milestone of having 90 million monthly active users (MAU) on its platform. It is being said that the rise has been phenomenal, as it has grown from 70 million MAU last year after massive funding of $150 million. The company has been expanding in Europe rapidly. They have launched support for their platform in French and German languages to attract a large population within Europe as many countries speak French or German. Moreover, the platform also supports more popular languages such as English, Spanish and less popular Portuguese. All these are possible due to the company’s expansion policy, which has been focused on by the company very seriously.

Outside activities have declined due to the kids’ involvement in virtual realities such as online games. This has led to the creation of communities and even friendships online on these gaming platforms. Roblox is an attractive platform that attracts the kids to either play or just hang out with their online friends. The game creators and the players together spend more than a billion hours online on Roblox and this is a huge time even after considering that there are on an average 90 million MAUs.

The maximum revenue generated goes to the creators of the game for obvious reasons. Roblox earns its revenues from the sale of virtual goods on the platform. The platforms paid over $30 million to the game creators and it was supposed to be doubled in a year due to the superior performance of the platform.

Amongst the good times, the game has also seen some ups and downs. A year ago, it faced some of the worst hacks ever faced. The kid’s gaming platform was hacked and the kids’ online avatars were assaulted digitally. This has a negative impact on the kids who played the game regularly and had an emotional connection with its character. It sounds dangerous that kids nowadays have connections with their online gaming avatar on a deeper level but anyway the hack and the inhumane behaviours were a threat to the platform’s security measures. Roblox quickly sorted out the matter and normalcy was restored soon. Since then the security has been increased on its platform to protect the kids from future hacks. They have also started working with digital security players from France and Germany.

-Soumya De

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