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Reliance Jio to offer public Wi-Fi and enable their VoWi-Fi feature soon


Reliance Jio is currently dictating terms in the field of Mobile Internet in India. The company is second to none and have absolutely demolished its competitors in every market they are in. Jio, when it was launched offered free 4G services for three months and India loves services without spending money. Jio was a hit amongst youngsters and rural areas. It was loved by everyone it managed to conquer the market overnight.

After incurring hefty losses in the first two years, Jio finally entered the profit club. They established a profit in the FY18 and have not looked back ever since. Their prepaid plans are still the cheapest and the competitors are finding it hard to compete with the aggressive prices it is offering. This has created a kind of monopoly in the market and it is hard to beat down the leaders. Only Airtel is offering some kind of competition to Jio.

The Indian company hasn’t stopped there. It has forayed into different markets with ease. It has its own smartphone range which offers different OS and different experience at the cheapest price possible. Apart from this they are entering the broadband services and have already bought stakes in the leading companies such as Hathaway. They recently bought INR 3000 crores worth of physical assets from Reliance Communications. Jio is the only company which is equipped to upgrade to 5G in 2019 although it is not sure whether it will do the same.

That said, Jio is always offering something new to the users, may it be their plans or their out and out aggressive pricing or their new smartphone range. Reliance Jio has a plan to outdo some of the features and to completely take out cellular networks. Their new feature, VoWi-Fi has been in the news for quite some time now. It was reported back in July that the company will launch it in a month or two.

However, it is testing out its public Wi-Fi services first in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh. VoWi-fi is basically a feature identical to WhatsApp calls or Instagram calls. This feature will be free of the cellular network and will only need a Wi-Fi connection to call another user. However, it is already available through third-party user apps but Jio’s VoWi-Fi will make it available alternatively. This feature will directly be available in the dial-up of the phone.

That said, one needs to be connected to the internet to use this feature and this is why Jio is going to speed up its public Wi-Fi services all over India soon. It has plans to connect all of India through its Wi-Fi, although its VoWi-Fi feature is limited to Jio users for now as users will only be able to call other Jio users but the company has promised to roll out the feature for all the other carriers as well.


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