Reliance Announces Jio Set-top Box for Superior Gaming in India


Reliance is one of the largest conglomerates in India with their businesses ranging from textile to telecom. The company had its 42nd Annual General Meeting recently and in that it announced a few new products and services. Considering the past announcements from the company, this time things are going to be similar and the new products and services will be revolutionary in the Indian market.
Apart from the Jio Giga Fibre launch date, one other thing that is attracting attention from all over the globe is the company’s gaming console. India is a huge market for entertainment due to the huge and diverse population base. While movies take the top spot in terms of entertainment modes, other platforms are also growing. One such up and coming entertainment mode is gaming. The youth in India loves gaming as it can take them to whole new virtual worlds and also give them a sense of control that they would have not have in the real world. Games have been ever so popular in India but the real boom in the market has been noticed since the arrival of Tencent made PUBG in the Indian gaming industry.
Reliance, which is on a stellar rise in the Indian market in the past few years, is back at it again. The company is particularly popular for being an opportunist and after its mega success in the telecom sector, it is aiming for the gaming industry as well. According to a Statista report, 55 percent of casual gamers and 66 percent of the heavy gamers across India are below 24 years old. This points to the rapid increase in the population of the Indian youth. The rise of youth combined with the easy and cheap smartphones and internet resulted in the rise of the gaming sector in India.
In the 42nd AGM of Reliance, the company announced to launch a new device called the Jio Set-top Box. According to Inc42 report, the Jio set-top box is said to be compatible with all game controllers including the virtual ones on smartphones as well. Smartphones have been considered everywhere in the discussion because of its necessity. Statista in its report mentioned that heavy gamers in India prefer using a mobile as a device for gaming over a tablet or PC/laptops. The market value of mobile gaming in India is estimated to reach about 405 million U.S. dollars by 2022. The number of mobile phone gamers will be around 628 million by 2020 according to the forecast. So according to the data, it seems that Reliance’s decision to enter the gaming market is going to be fruitful.
Having said that, the price and specification of the device are kept in the dark. It is only speculations that since Jio has been a price competitive brand, the price of the console will be highly competitive with the existing brands. The company claims that the set-top box also comes equipped with an advanced and latest GPU that will help it to play almost all the latest games from the popular developers. Jio claims that the users can stream online games in 4K with 0 latency.

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