Regulations in India to get stricter as Social Media companies need to be aware of the same

Social Media apps on phone

Fake messages are very hard to find out on the messaging applications nowadays. The forwards we read are mostly a joke or a fake message. There is a lot of fake news created by some online goons and it is close to impossible to trace them and bring them down. The social media giants also make little to no effort to track such fake news creators on their messaging application. That said, social media in India will be having a huge task in their hands.

The Indian government has now regulated a new IT guideline for social media and messaging applications alike. The new guidelines suggest that any content or message that is harming the sovereignty and integrity of the nation should be tracked and taken down within the first 24 hours of it being published. This has taken the social media companies to a lot of work.

They will have to monitor almost each and every message which can be fraudulent in any manner or also propaganda for that matter. If the message describes anything of this sorts then the platform of the message will have to take it down.

TikTok was recently banned for its inappropriate content and this has also got all the social media companies on their edge. TikTok, along with Bigo Live was held for having sexually explicit content. “The courts are filling a vacuum and that’s a good thing,” said a senior official at the Ministry of Electronics and IT (Meity) who expects “there will be a vacuum until new laws are finalized.”

Nitish Chandan of Cyber Peace Foundation also talked about the same. He said that the content was obscene on many instances on TikTok and is obscene in Bigo Live. There are no regulations to contain or decontaminate such apps. He told ET, “Because the content could be obscene in many instances, the intermediaries are being brought under the purview (of the law) now. This is not however regulated by any legislation currently.”

Founder of Ikigai Law also talked about the same. He said that the regulations are extremely tight around the world and India need to find the right balance before more apps need banning. He said, “There is definitely more talk worldwide about regulating digital platforms and making them more accountable. However, it is important to keep in mind that they are not liable legally for actions of their users.”

That being said, the social media regulations are about to get stricter and the companies will have to be ready for it. It might be Facebook’s misinformation problem or WhatsApp’s fake news, everything is going to have rules that will need some following from the big companies.

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