Redmi Y3 is here and is smashing all the records

Redmi Y3 launch

Xiaomi is one of the biggest smartphone makers when it comes to India. It has got hold of the market and is doing extremely well. It has the highest market share in the country and has gone beyond Samsung. That being said, Xiaomi has an arm in the name of Redmi which recently got separated from its parent company. The reason for this was that the Redmi CEO had other plans while Xiaomi looked at Redmi as just a sister company.

Redmi, however, has surprised everyone with its smartphones and the range of smartphones. This where the company is getting a lot of attention which is going its way. Its newest device Redmi Y3 is having a smasher in India. It has got off to a get start and is already winning.

Let me tell you that the company had recently introduced a new smartphone named Radmi Y2. Now, on the Internet of this series, the emerging smartphone Redmi Y3, the pictures are becoming viral. Let’s know about this smartphone.

Xiaomi Redmi Y series is very special for those people who like to take selfies because the company gives a strong selfie camera in this series. In a smartphone, you can see a six point 99-inch full HD screen, as well as for strong photography, you can get a 20-megapixel selfie camera and the company dual cameras can be given on the back panel.

That being said, this phone might just go viral and put Redmi on the map in India as an independent company. This will increase the market share of the company as well. It will be interesting to see how the company is preparing for the 2019 invasion. However, their bet might be hampered by Reliance Jio coming out with their wing of smartphone.

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