Reasons Suning ACs are the most Powerful


As China’s largest home appliance retailer, Suning will launch its own brand of air conditioners. It has a great impact on an air conditioning industry in China, a great killer effect on this industry.

Suning is not the first in the market to enter the air-conditioning industry as a latecomer. For example, Xiaomi air-conditioning, there is no own production line, relying on the OEM method, they continue to penetrate the market.

However, Suning’s Jiwu air conditioners and Xiaomi air conditioners are very different. It can be said that Suning’s own brand air conditioners can cause a powerful impact on the industry. Here are three reasons.

First, Suning’s channel advantage is very obvious. As the first home appliance retailer in China, the online home appliance sales, always holds the leading position. It has an online store and in addition to Suning Plaza comprehensive department store, there are Suning Tesco direct store, Suning retail cloud to join Shops, Suning stores, and Wanda Department Stores, which have just been released in the news. Thus have thousands of physical stores across the country, which are beyond the reach of many companies.

For any company, which has such a channel advantage will have a multiplier effect on brand building and sales.

Second, Suning Appliances has obvious advantages in after-sales service and has launched its own service standards. Taking air-conditioning as an example, in the past year, Suning’s first service basic law – 30365(30 days return policy and 365 days warranty. The product with a problem can be returned within 30 days from the receipt of the next 365 days), 46 commitments,  no need to return goods within 7 days either offline or online, shopping, service, distribution, after-sales, customer service, return and green sharing create a worry-free shopping experience and become a “blockbuster” in the industry.

At the same time, Suning issued the “Air Conditioning Industry Maintenance Standards” for the industry and society, breaking through the industry’s unspoken rules, making the appliance repair transparent and evidence-based, and upgrading the service again. Suning established its own service standard model and proposed to change from an electrical retailer to a quality service provider.

In the after-sales service of home appliances, Suning’s community store has landed in Nanjing, providing services for the surrounding residents such as maintenance, home appliance cleaning, housekeeping, laundry, home improvement and other life needs. Consumers who are 3 to 5 kilometres away can enjoy the “321” service standard created by the customer, that is, 3 minutes response, 2 hours door-to-door delivery, and 1-hour service.

In terms of price, Suning Tesco website helps customers through columns like, appliance repair, maintenance service and other items which have clear price consumers can have any maintenance problems at a glance.

According to Blue Technology, Suning Group has 5,500 self-operated and franchised service outlets and nearly 50,000 service engineers. The annual order volume is nearly 30 million, and the service revenue is nearly 4 billion. At the same time, Suning Tesco also solemnly promised that there will be no reason to return the online and offline products for seven days, and the “30365” plan will be fully implemented in self-operated home appliances.

In 2018, during Shanghai Municipal Consumer Protection Commission’s undercover visit of a number of home appliance maintenance operators, Suning had also received no fraudulent maintenance official certificate. At the same time, on the July 18 of the big home appliance after-Sales service standardization Seminar, Beijing ACCC United Suning Easyjet released and advocated after-sales service industry 6S service standards, including standard, Speed, sincerity, Satisfy, Study, support covering these six aspects.

Specifically: maintenance standardization, including the specification of the process and the specification of the personal image; responding quickly to the user’s needs, responding to the door within 24 hours in 30 minutes; to be the truthful  and sincere, always consider the user’s point of view, worry for the consumer; and provide the services that exceed the expectations of users; take customer feedback seriously, continuously improve service capabilities, optimize service processes, and provide better services; strive to build a super service platform and build a service ecosystem.

The third is to have a strong user base. As of 2018, Suning has sold a total of 100 million air conditioners, which is a huge volume. It can be said Suning as the first home appliance retailer, the witness, experienced, involved in the development of China’s air conditioning industry. In particular, the user’s preferences, experience and needs, etc., have formed their own unique big data, which can tap the needs of potential users.

If the 100 million air conditioners sold in the past, for others it is a matter of jealousy, but this may be a good thing for Suning. Because of the process from past sales to service, Suning has a more comprehensive understanding of consumer brand preferences, product quality, and technology preferences, which will be a very useful supplement to the improvement of Suning’s air conditioners.

The first Suning own brand of small “Biu” air conditioner uses 1.5 horsepower frequency conversion, first-class energy efficiency, While saving energy and power, DC motor can also improve the cooling and heating speed, It can also improve the cooling and heating speed, and can achieve 60-second speed heat, 30-second fast-cooling, extremely fast frequency conversion and rapid cooling and heating. The first-level energy efficiency is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. When cooling, the inverter can save energy by at least 20% than the same condition.

-[Blue Technology] Luò Shí

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