Realme, Oppo Celebrate The Huawei Ban


Huawei is having a lot of troubles at the moment. The Chinese internet giant is feeling like a cornered behemoth and the battle between the mammoth companies is fierce enough to cause repercussions.  This trade war between the USA and China is dragged for a long time and now Huawei has been dragged into it. Google is also not playing games with the Chinese company, it has literally banned the Chinese company from using anything that has Google’s name on it.

You can find more about Google’s ban on Huawei here.

There are certain things one needs to understand when we talk about the Huawei ban. There are going to be ramifications and it is going to either be good for other companies or it is going to be worse. This also rings a warning bell for the other companies coming from China. The reasons for the Huawei ban are well and truly covered by every outlet, so today we are going to cover the effects of this ban.

Huawei did not have a massive presence in India. However, Honor, its subsidiary was super active. The company had even laid out a plan for the upcoming year. However, everything went down the drain and Honor, now has to withdraw from the subcontinent of India. That being said, this had an adverse effect on the rivals as they will now enjoy a lot of attention from the Indian buyers.

Realme and Oppo the ’real’ winners

Realme and Oppo are going to benefit from the Huawei ban. The reason for this is simple, the market in which Honor operates is a sub-INR 10 thousand and sub-INR 20 thousand. Realme and Oppo also operate in this region and have massive revenues from this very region. And, that is the reason why these companies are going to have their hay days in the coming months.

That being said, the Realme Chief Executive Officer did not comment on the ban but talked about how the company is going to move forward with its devices in India. He told ET that Realme wants to be present in every segment in India and that includes the premium segment. It is the company’s aim to do so.

He said, “There’s a huge scope in every segment, including the premium segment. We want to be present in this segment. We want every single segment of the user to experience our products since we are confident about our quality. Before the year-end, our premium product will be launched.”

Oppo, on the other hand, is already winning with its devices. However, it is all down to its marketing strategies in India. The company has managed to bag the sponsorship rights to the most loved thing in India; the Indian cricket team. This gives them a massive upper hand over all the other companies in their operating segment. And now that Honor is going to be obsolete, Oppo might as well wear the crown.

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