Realme Looking To Become A Fully Independent Brand


Chung Hsiang-Wei, Chief Commercial Officer, Realme Taiwan has said the brand is expected to develop its own ecosystem in the future, complete with production lines if the business continues to grow at the current pace. The report by Digitimes also said the Realme brand Realme might soon split from Oppo to operate independently, but a statement from the company on Monday clarified that this was already the case.

Both the Oppo and Realme are subsidiaries of BBK Electronics Corporation, a Guangzhou-based conglomerate that also owns Vivo and OnePlus.

In 2019, Realme has emerged as one of the fastest-growing smartphone brands in the world. The brand currently ranks seventh in terms of overall global smartphone market share. This is quite an impressive feat considering its launch in May last year as a subsidiary of Oppo. Realme has since been redesigned and established as a new technology brand.

Currently, Realme uses components from Oppo for its products. All Realme devices use Oppo’s parts bin and even use Oppo’s ColorOS software with little to no changes. Realme has always shoed interest to come up with different experiences than what Oppo phones provide and it could be a step towards complete independence.

Chung further added that even if Realme establishes itself as an independent brand, it won’t directly compete with Oppo as the two target different market segments. Chung went on to add that 60-percent of Realme users are male, while 60-percent of Oppo’s userbase is made up of women. According to Chung, Realme is focusing more on technology and fashion-centric devices, while Oppo is migrating towards the flagship/premium smartphone market.

Realme has shown substantial growth in the smartphone business ever since it came into the Indian market last year as a sub-brand of Oppo. And it has only been growing at a record rate, launching new phones one after another every few months. And while it still has some catching up to do in terms of market share, the brand is quite popular with the urban tech-savvy youth. And if things keep going in the right direction for Realme, it might completely split from Oppo in the future.


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