Ravi Shankar Prasad To Lead The Telecom Industry In India

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Indian election just concluded and there are so many renditions of the result that people are getting confused. Here, we cover tech but let us listen to one other rendition of the result as well. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is returning as the Prime Minister and there are no two things about it. It was the case from day one of campaigning. Congress is probably fifty years behind the ruling party when it comes to alliances and political campaigning.

The BJP government won more seats than they won in 2014 and this has a lot to do with the opposition than BJP. There were no strong candidates seen by the people of India and this is why the Indian people chose the stronger of the two. Rahul Gandhi will never be half as successful a politician as PM Narendra Modi is. There is a reason for it, Modi has gone through the ranks, junior Gandhi hasn’t and this makes Modi likable as well. Also, he doesn’t have a fancy surname attached to him or a story like Modi.

I would like to quote Mr. Tyrion Lannister from the Westeros here. He said that people love a good story and a story that they can relate to, a story that gives hope and Narendra Modi’s story gives people hope. It is a story of an underdog rising through the streets to become the leader of the largest mandate in the world. End of.

That being said, the country after such a powerful voting campaign, needs leaders in every sector. The telecom sector is going to have a minister who has stirred the entire IT industry in the last five years. Ravi Shankar Prasad is all set to take over a different sector this time around. He has taken good care of the IT industry.

The Telecom industry is next for Prasad

The telecom industry is what the world is focused on and in India is the biggest sector. The fact that it needs a man with plans and motives. Previously it was with the Prasad for a short period of time but there was no clear winner here. Prasad won hearts while he was managing the IT ministry when he said a lot of positive things during the keynote arranged by the Time’s Network.

He said, “India could be a $3 trillion (digital) economy in the next four to five years. That is the goal we have set. Digital India is designed to empower ordinary Indians. Our idea is to make India the biggest manufacturing hub in electronics with 1crore employment in the electronics sector and 35-40 lakhs in the software sector.”

Such was his promise and he brought character to the stagnant IT business. That being said, the telecom industry needs his guidance and expertise. The fact that the man comes with a focused vision and the way of executing his plans, is what makes the Telecom industry tickle as it is ready to face the wrath of this man.

By the time, he is sworn in as the minister, he will have plans in place and we will see a lot of things happen in the coming days.


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