Qualcomm is gearing up for a Transformative Indian Market with 5G in the Offing

Change is the only constant. The telecom sector is always open to innovations and tries to adapt accordingly as fast as possible. The market needs to respond in unison to make the changes possible. Indian is the second largest smartphone market in the world is at the centre stage of these changes. Over a billion subscribers in India make it a lucrative market for the new technological advancements.

For a little over two years, India has seen a huge surge in 4G use cases. The traditional telecom players could not compete with the emerging superstar, Jio. Reliance Industry’s newest business shattered every record and brought companies such as Airtel, Vodafone and Idea to their knees. This all was possible for the fourth generation of the wireless systems.

The next generation of the wireless system, 5G is in the offing. Qualcomm is one of the largest smartphone chip manufacturers in the world. Qualcomm Incorporated is a semiconductor and telecommunications equipment manufacturer. They design and market wireless telecommunications products and services. Majority of its revenue comes from chipmaking and the bulk of its profit from patent licensing businesses. The rise of smartphone usage made Qualcomm a household name in the smartphone market.

5G technologies will have a revolutionary impact on the Indian market as a whole. Sectors such as automotive, healthcare, education, fintech and many more. The technology is supposed to bring over 1Gbps speeds to the regions of NorthAmerica, Europe, Japan, South Korea, China and Australia by the end of 2019. The Indian government is planning to open the 5G spectrum for bidding by late2019. According to the Telecom RegulatoryAuthority of India (TRAI), 5G will penetrate Indian fully by the year 2022.

As steps are being taken for rapidly spreading the 5G technology, Qualcomm is not just focusing on their end of the manufacturing and marketing. Instead, they are in constant touch with the regulators, government authorities and device manufacturers. They are targeting to reach out to as many sources as possible so that 5G is not a distant dream.

One of the major uses of 5G will be in the field of Internet of Things. IoT devices are spreading like wildfire and need high-speed internet for proper functioning. This is where the super high speeds of the 5G network will come into play. Smart home appliances such as refrigerators, TVs, washing machines and so on fall under the ambit of IoT devices.

The company counts India as one of its key markets and is hopeful that 5G will roll out here as fast as 4G did. Apart from the smartphone chip technology, Qualcomm in India is focusing on Educations, Public safety, Environmental stability and Corporate Social Responsibly. They are also focusing on making a significant contribution to the Make in India program. According to the Qualcomm India website, they are running a Design in India Challenge.

Qualcomm is reimbursing each startup an amount of USD2500 for a full patent application filed with either the US PTO or India PTO in respect of the proposal for QDIC and during the incubation phase of the program. They hope to encourage the youth to design in India and attain the goal of making in India. They offer accelerator program services to startups, connect them with the government (MeitY) and offer Mobile and Aadhar Security Training.

The major players in the tech industry across the globe such as FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google) from the US and BAT (Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent) from China along with the South Korean and Japanese giants are all eyeing the Indian market for registering a record-breaking success and thus Qualcomm is no different. 5G’s success in India is necessary for the country’s ambition to become a technologically advanced nation.

– Soumya De

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