Qualcomm enters the AI market as Nvidia and Intel watch from above

A chip on the stands

Qualcomm is a company which has managed to create a monopoly in the smartphone market. Almost all the phones in the world are powered by Qualcomm chips and it is not even exaggerating. The company has managed to do it via hard work and some neat patents. The company was also taken to court over creating monopoly via patents and asking to be paid for certain features.

That being said, the company has taken over the market of phones which is theirs and no one can take it away. There are only a bunch of companies that make chips which can topple Qualcomm in the phone market. However, there is a technology goes beyond smartphones and the company needs to dominate other markets in order to stay afloat as there will be a time when smartphones will not be a commodity but will go out of fashion.

Qualcomm is now preparing for such times. In its recent conference, it called out the new Cloud AI 100 Chip which will tend to the AI and speeding up the process. The chip will be tested with partners such as Microsoft and are likely to go for mass production in 2020. The newest chip is designed for inference, which is a term used by the tech geeks for a process of AI. The process is of using an AI algorithm which for example can translate audio into text or vice versa.

There are big players in the markets and Qualcomm needs to be up there with them. Nvidia and Intel are the two names which are dominating the AI market and it will hard for Qualcomm to enter this. It is a good start for them but it will need a lot of hard work before they could be a regular in the AI market for data centralization.

AI chip with the inference being the forefront will be the biggest markets in the AI chip-making business. That said, Nvidia is currently working with Google and Intel with Facebook. Two of the biggest companies when it comes to data storage or anything in that line. Qualcomm will have to work hard to get past these rivals.

It is a great start but Qualcomm still has a long way to go in this market and it will take time before we can see the American company in the wake of its rivals fighting for the top spot. That being said, Qualcomm has a specialty of producing chips which use less electricity and solved the heating problems. They did this for the mobile phones and might use the experience in this as well.

Overall, it is a good start with Cloud AI 100 Chip but we are still a couple of years away before we could find if Qualcomm has hit the bullseye or not.

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