Pomona Raises $3 million in Series A2 Funding


Indonesia based Pomona is a maker of multi-channel marketing and sales software. They make enterprise-level softwares for consumer brands. In a recent funding round, which the company claims to be A-2, the company raised $3 million. The round was led by Vynn Capitals.
According to TECHINASIA website, Pomona has been invested in by Central Capital Ventura (CCV), Vynn Capital, Ventech China, Amand Ventures, Stellar Dana Ventura (Stellar Kapital) in the recent funding round. In the series-A funding round in August 2018, EverHaüs and Pegasus Capital invested an undisclosed amount. In the seed round, the company raised an undisclosed amount from PT Prasetia Dwidharma and Frontier Ventures.
According to the above website, Pomona helps FMCG brands to track sales conversion while rewarding consumers with cashback from their offline purchase. The company also helps the brands to understand the impact of their marketing campaigns and if it is working or not. This way the brands can strike out the non-performing strategies and focus more on the good performing ones only.
There are times when a company or a person tend to overlook the flaws in their strategies and this eventually result in major setbacks. The reason for overlooking is that they have themselves made the strategies and finding flaws in one’s own creation is difficult. This is where companies such as Pomona comes in. They act as a third party and they look at the strategies from a distance without any personal biases and thus have a greater chance of finding the flaws and helping the brands achieve more.
Pomona was founded by Benz Budiman (CEO) and Ari Suwendi (CTO) in 2016 and has its headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia. The core areas of work of the company are Digital Marketing Solution, Technology, Marketing Platform, Consumer Goods, Consumer Behaviour, Campaign Measurability, and Sales Conversion.
The funding of $3 million will help in recruiting more people and making its processes more streamlined and fast. Moreover, it will also the company expand into more countries in Southeast Asia. Although the list of countries that the company wants to expand to haven’t been disclosed as per a Techcrunch report. The company is one of the numerous such startups that have the potential to be significant contributors to the Indonesian economy.

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