Pokemon Developing Sleep-Based Gaming App similar to pokemon go

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Pokémon one of the most popular animated cartoon and series of video games which is developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo will be back into gaming business next year after a huge success of their pokemon goes adventure game which caught eyeballs and gained huge popularity all over the world.

Pokemon company earlier had a press conference in which it said introduced Pokemon Sleep, a new app intended to make sleep more fun. The “Pokemon Sleep” app and game track a user’s sleeping patterns and the gameplay then adjust based on their sleeping pattern.

The Compatibility

The game is also compatible with a new Pokemon Go Plus + device that Company announced is in development on Tuesday. As per a report in Tsunekazu Ishihara, the CEO of the Pokemon Company, which was set up with investment from gaming firms Nintendo Co Ltd, Game Freak and Creatures said: “We want to turn sleep into entertainment”.

It will be a mobile app that tracks players’ sleep and uses the data for gameplay, with. The app will use data points like how long the user slept and when they wake up, to change gameplay, though the Pokemon Company did not explain much on how the gameplay would go on. The recent success of pokemon’s new movie detective Pikachu garnered a lot of success all over the world earning a whopping $120 million at box offices in North America alone reflecting the popularity of the franchise and company.

The virtual reality smartphone game “Pokemon Go”, developed by San Francisco-based Niantic Inc, the last app released became a worldwide phenomenon after its launch in 2016 as the players had to go out of their living rooms to catch pokemon which many players promptly did.

It will be interesting to see how this sleeping feature instead of getting out will be taken by users.

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