Phones discriminating between men and women says a survey

Smartphones over the years

Technology is something which is discrimination-free and does not look at people in any other way than it should. Humans can actually learn a lot from technology but that is another debate for another day. Technology, when thought, invented and made is never for one single group of ethnic people or one single race or one single gender, technology is thought for everyone alike. However, today, there is one such technological problem which has risen in the recent past.

Smartphones, when made, are not made for a specific gender they are made for everyone. However, there is a huge gap amongst smartphone users when it comes to men users and women users. This problem is majorly in the Asian regions and then leads on to the Middle East. There is a significant gap between male users and women users with the reason being multiple. However, this gap has given rise to a multi-billion dollar opportunity for businessmen to grab.

The market is as huge as $700 billion as there are many technological advances which have not been addressed by one of the genders. This is because there are countries with low or middle-income families as the majority and the women in these families are mostly not used to using a smartphone or a phone at all. They are not aware of the Internet or any other social media applications and this is the reason there is a huge business opportunity here. The number mentioned above is estimated by GSMA.

This opportunity is not only for the smartphone or phone-makers but also for the telecom partners as they could totally cash in on the $140 billion increase in the market if women and men all use internet and phones.

To break this market, there has to be a company that is ready to break all the barriers. The barriers are mountain-like and it will be very hard for any company to break those in one go. It will take a lot of effort and a lot of time to do so. The barriers like literacy rate and low budget cannot be comprehended and understood in just one survey. The fact that this problem is huge and needs addressing is also another opportunity in itself.

The gender gap in mobile ownership is huge in South Asia. This area is the most hurt as the chances of women using a phone is 28% less. The sub-Saharan region is also a huge business opportunity as the chances of women using a phone is 15% less likely. The Middle East is where it improves a little bit with 9% less likeliness of women using a phone while in Europe there might be more women using a phone than men. This is where literacy plays a part and also the income range of people. The income range of people goes on increasing as the likeliness of women using a phone also goes on increasing.

This is not an easy market to grab but there is a market. The survey is here from region to region but there needs to be a way of tackling age-old problems like money and literacy rate.

-Unmesh Phule

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