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Philips Launches 800 Series Air Purifier For Rs 8995

pHILIPS aIR purifier

Philips has just launched a new product lineup in the Indian market. The company just launched its latest Philips 800 Series Air Purifiers to offer users more options. As part of the launch, the company also shared important information regarding the air purifiers including features, and pricing. Taking a look at the pricing, it looks like the company is aiming at the budget segment with its latest lineup of air purifiers.

Air purifiers have gradually increased in popularity as major Indian towns combat increasing levels of pollution.

The new Philips 800 Series air purifier is priced at Rs 8,995 and features what Philips calls the 3D air circulation system. Philips says the 800 Series air purifier is good for 20 square meter room sizes and can remove particles as small as 0.003 microns. This purifier has what is called the intelligent auto purification mode and the smart sensing technology, which the company says allows the professional-grade sensor to detect even the slightest of air quality changes in the room.

The design has also been simplified, with the 360-degree air intake, the clean air vent at the top and a single button for managing the modes. There is also a four-step color indication for the real-time air quality notification.

It also comes with a sleep mode to ensure that the air purifier consumes electricity in a responsible manner. It can operate with a low 34db sound while not disturbing buyers in their sleep.

“With air pollution reaching dangerous levels across major cities in India, more and more people are becoming aware of the health impacts it causes. There is a growing concern in the country around issues caused by pollution like asthma, breathing issues, allergies, especially in children. Indoor air pollution is even worse than outdoor and has become a year-round problem. This has led to air purifiers becoming a necessity for every Indian household,” says Gulbahar Taurani, Vice-President, Personal Health, Philips Indian Subcontinent.

The company claims that this new lineup is “specifically developed” to help users with Asthma, and Allergy. This lineup features smart sensing technology along with intelligent auto purification mode. Both these technologies allow air purifiers to sense the slightest change in the air and react accordingly.

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