Phantom Auto has a solution to driverless cars and it’s not driverless at all

Driverless car

Driverless cars are something the world is waiting to see. There are so many companies trying to win the world with their tech for driverless cars but the problem with the technology is that it is not up to the mark yet. There are times in the tech world when the idea is farfetched and futuristic and the technology cannot match it. There are things which are not yet advanced enough to carry out the functions the humans imagine and want to make.

There are a lot of things that depend on the driverless cars with air-taxis slowly becoming a thing, driverless cars on the ground with air-taxis in the air, the world might feel like a futuristic city shown in the movies. That being said, as we know the driverless cars are already late to the party, something else needs to take its place and Phantom Auto. Phantom Auto is a company that was introduced to the world in 2017.

The company exists only to bridge the gap between over ambitious autonomous cars and the current scene of the driverless cars. Phantom Auto has created something unique with the tech. They have created a remote control set up which allows a skilled driver to put a huge trailer into its space. A skilled driver could maneuver a truck given has all the views and steering in his hands. Ben Shukman did the same by sitting seven states away as he parked a huge trailer from Phantom Auto, California. He turned the truck as he wanted to and drove it around to park it in an extremely difficult space; he was driving a truck which was situated in Atlanta.

That said, the company has such technology which could the near future. This tech could be useful in many conditions. A truck could be taken through harsh weathers, tough conditions or remote locations without actually being in it. This could change the future of transportation, well for now at least. The startup is actually bringing the world closer and is expanding into logistics space with its driverless yet driver take.

Elliot Katz was optimistic about this and the co-founder said that he has talked to almost every major player in this space. People who say they are deploying driverless cars and whatever the tech is is not true at all. Katz was talking to media. He said, “We’ve talked to literally every major player in the space, and given the nature of what we do, we have to have pretty detailed discussions about their limitations, their capabilities, and their actual rollout dates. Everyone who says they’re deploying, whatever they say they’re deploying in the near term, it’s completely false.”

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