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Panasonic Enters The Modular Kitchen Business Starting From Bangalore

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Panasonic is a company that has been in India for a long time. It has been working towards creating a long-lasting impression in India and it is working. The company is well reputed but still hasn’t worked its way to compete with the big boys when it comes to the home appliance market. It has tried to work its way around and tap the niche markets with its expertise.

The company has always believed in different ideas for development and has never stuck on one ideology. That being said, the company is trying to expand in India. It is trying to hit another niche market which might make them a powerhouse in India. The Japanese company is already huge back home but needs a different strategy to win in the subcontinent. Point being, the market they are trying to hit is the modular kitchen with a twist.

Panasonic turns to Modular Kitchens

Panasonic needed to breathe some fresh air to get back into the thick of everything. This is where it stuck to the mantra the company has followed for years together. Panasonic has always believed in inspiring the consumers before buying their products and the market of the modular kitchen might be niche but there is a market and there are a lot of people looking to renovate or buy a new home.

The company is going to start with Karnataka and Bangalore being Panasonic’s first-ever home to the Modular Kitchen showroom. This is already a huge business in Japan with over 6 million consumers. The Japanese company now aims a smooth and rapid execution of its plans in India as it targets the tier 1 and 2 cities for this project.

The hierarchy speaks

Dinesh Aggarwal, Joint Managing Director of Panasonic Life Solutions said that the company has already a reputation for building good electrical and electronic products all around the world. It also has partnered with a lot of contracting companies for modular kitchens.

He said, “We have established strong relationships amongst Developers, Contracting Companies and Specifiers; which encourages us to bring in additional products from Panasonic, Japan. Housing is one such business, which has been initiated, and we have launched the luxurious, L class kitchens in Bengaluru. The response has been very positive, giving us the confidence to sell the L class kitchens across India and to bring in more Housing products from Japan.”

Masashi Yamada, the Managing Director Executive also talked about the company’s aim and dream in India. He said that while bringing briefing the newspersons. Yamada talked about the expertise Panasonic has in electronics and home appliances as it can couple it with some amazing designs to give people a better living experience.

He said, “We at Panasonic believe in inspiring consumers’ way of living and are committed to offering the best of comfort, safety, and class to everyone around the world by combining our high-class technology and vast knowledge of housing appliances. We now aim to offer the same to our consumers in India by fulfilling their requirements through our goal of ‘a better life, a better world’ through multiplying our technologies and expanding our business in India into the overall housing segment.”

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