Orders From Isolated Communities And Changing E-Commerce Dynamics In Current Health Crisis

The warmth of the Aida Garden in the sun is fused, and a tragedy lies within. On January 29th, a pneumonia epidemic of a new coronavirus infection was found in the community, and the block 14 household residents were isolated. Nowadays, when entering the Aida Garden, the temperature must be measured first, and the courier and takeaway must also be placed at the door of the community, which is to be taken by the residents themselves.

Where there are takeaways and express delivery, there is a delivery man who walks the streets, and 22-year-old Wu Yongdong is one of them. His exact identity is that he is a manager of the Shanti Lishan store in Suning, 1 km away from Aida Garden. “Now there is a great demand for rice noodles, oils, fruits, vegetables, and snacks. Sometimes we have to deliver them by ourselves. If we don’t come out, what do other people eat and drink?. He shared.

Wu Yongdong was born in 1998. From his WeChat circle of friends, he can see the live status of the post-95s-not only for late-night orders, but also job sales and recruitment information. This year is the 22nd year of his most memorable Chinese New Year.

“Firstly, one cannot return home, and the other is that I am is busy with work.” In fact, Wu Yongdong’s home is in Liuhe District, Nanjing, but after the epidemic became more severe, the village implemented “only out and not in. He added.

On January 29th, Wu Yongdong heard about the discovery of new coronavirus-infected pneumonia in Aida Garden. “It is definitely false if I say that I was not worried, but fortunately, the company has provided masks and disinfectants, and the store disinfection is done more than 3 times a day.”
Around 2:30 pm on February 3, Wu Yongdong received an order for “Coke + Potato Chips” from Aida Garden. After 20 minutes, Wu Yongdong came to the gate of the community and put the goods on a simple table with stools and wooden boards, which is a specified spot for express delivery and takeaway. “Some communities in the past can be delivered directly to the door, which was a better option for both parties ”

“Similar orders have been coming one after another these days.” Wu Yongdong said, “If we are not open for business, people will definitely encounter difficulties in eating and drinking.”

It is true that under the current epidemic, residents are going out less, but the demand for daily materials is always there. Wu Yongdong’s Suning store is not only wired for consumption but also can be placed on the phone for 1 hour and can be picked up the next day at the Suning Vegetable Market.

“During the Spring Festival this year, the online order value of our shop has increased by nearly 20 times compared to the past.” Wu Yongdong said that the previous two days, he also sent a rice noodle, oils, and snacks with a total price of 400 yuan. This means people are hoarding goods for the future, this was rare before. ”

Suning’s vegetable farm business is also the focus of Wu Yongdong and his colleagues. Every day, they remind everyone in the WeChat group to take food in the store and recommend cost-effective products. At present, in the Suning vegetable farm, seasonal vegetables, meat and poultry eggs, seafood and aquatic products, and daily dishes are available. Coupled with full discounts and gift vouchers, the price/performance ratio is also good. “The total number of community WeChat groups has more than doubled, and more and more people are calling to ask how to place orders and mention them.” Wu Yongdong Say.

With more and more orders, it means more and more business. Wu Yongdong said that at present, his Suning small shop Chantilly House opens at 8, but soon it will be changed to 7 am to 10 pm after February 9th. “What we can do is help as much as possible. Protect the lives of the surrounding residents and live through the epidemic safely. “

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