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Oppo Looking To Expand With Smartwatch And Earbuds


Oppo has just kicked off its global INNO Day 2019 Conference in Shenzhen, China,  where it said that the company would invest $7 billion (roughly Rs. 50,000 crores) in research and development in the next three years to develop core technologies in hardware, software, and system in addition to 5G/6G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), Big Data, and other emerging technologies. Oppo said it would launch smartwatches, smart wireless headphones and 5G CPE (customer-provided equipment) in the first quarter of 2020.

INNO Day (short form of innovation) 2019, is an annual conference where the company showcases the latest in technological advancement and innovation.

The company founder took to stage not only to showcase the new tech, but also to say that Oppo may launch smartwatches, smart screens (TVs), and even robots in the future. Interestingly, this the first public appearance of the founder six years after he was seen at an Oppo product launch.

“As the adoption of 5G and AI ramp up, intelligent connectivity is increasingly within reach. We believe the concept of connection is just the foundation, whereas the integration and convergence of things will be the future,” Tony Chen, Founder, and CEO, Oppo said in his keynote address at the Oppo “INNO DAY 2019” event.

“The concept of intelligent connectivity consists of four key parts, including the convergence of technology and service, the convergence of organization, the convergence of culture and the convergence of technology, arts, and humanities,” Chen said, adding that Oppo has been “more than just a phone maker” from the outset.

Oppo said it plans to implement three key strategies in order to seize 5G opportunities.

For a start, the company will remain committed to core technology R&D to develop world-leading tech, will build a multi-portal ecosystem of intelligent devices with smartphones serving as the key gateway and, finally, will continue to rethink user service and optimize its content and service offerings.

Moreover, the company also showed its first-ever AR glasses at the event today although not a lot was revealed about the product. Moreover, visitors were even allowed a second glimpse of the in-screen camera technology that we expect to see in mass-produced Oppo devices next year. It’s worth noting that the company’s subsidiary realme has already started diversifying its portfolio into the accessories segment before Oppo. Realme will be launching its first TWS earbuds dubbed as Realme Buds Air in India on December 17th.

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