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Online Content vs Online Games: Who will win?

The digital world is ever expanding and people-to-people contact is decreasing. The digital version of reality is also growing around the world. In such a scenario, video games are the best form of escape for a huge portion of the population. However, online content, if produced in an attractive manner also becomes escape routes for many. Over the top (OTT) platforms such as Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime are some of the largest OTT platforms around the globe.

India is on the path to become a huge market for online games. Majority of people playing the online games fall in the age bracket f 20-44 years. Many of these people have become addicted to online games and send on average more than 5 hours each day on the games via smartphones, tablets or laptops. Similar is the case with the OTT platforms where people spend hours every day, streaming their favourite shows such as Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Friends and so on.

Card games such as Rummy Circle and Ultimate Teenpatti; first-person shooting games such as Fortnite and PubG are the ones that attract the maximum attention. People often spend more time on these games instead of giving time to their families.

Globally, however, Netflix leads in the OTT platforms and in terms of games, Fortnite is the undisputed leader. There are platforms such as Twitch, where players can live stream their Fortnite gaming sessions. People have earned in millions. Ina recent twitter incident, a guy (Fortnite player) posted his pic with a Tesla car model just because Elon Musk replied to one of his tweets. This shows the insane amount of money people are earning playing such addictive online streaming games.

Netflix being an online content platform keeps a tab on other such platforms keenly. Home Box Office popularly known as HBO has been a long-standing online content giant. The television network is owned by AT&T networks is a popular name in the industry due to its history.

Netflix is trying to grab more market share and in doing so, it has rolled out many new offers that attract the customers to stay loyal to Netflix. Recently they rolled out a new feature, ‘smart download’. People who are often on the move need downloaded contents to watch while they are traveling. The smart download feature automatically downloads the new episodes of your favorite TV shows and deletes the already watched episodes.

This allows the users to relax and concentrate on other works instead of searching and downloading each of the new episodes of their favorite TV shows. Netflix will manage all the episodes in the app. The app deletes already watched episodes to clear space on the device.

Currently, this feature will be available only for the android users but very soon; Netflix will roll out this feature for other platforms as well.

At one time, HBO and Amazon Prime videos were the largest threats to Netflix globally but it seems that Fortnite is a bigger threat for Netflix. New platforms are coming into the market at a fast pace and trying to outgrow the existing leaders. Many of these players are now looking towards new avenues of growth such as the Indian market.

India offers a huge market opportunity, as over billion eyes are eager to watch new contents each day or play a new addictive game. Catering to such a huge user base would mean earning fortunes out here. However, there are certain social aspects that need to be considered.

The state governments in India have started implementing regulations on these games that attract people resulting in loss of money and time. Companies are taking steps to curb addiction. Rummy Circle called its addicted players and asked them to spend time with family rather than playing their game all day. This move has resulted in a fall in revenues by 5-10% but will be beneficial in the long run by building trust.

This addiction among people in the age group of 20-44 proves that India has a huge potential for the growth of online games and also online content platforms. A similar thing is happening in China and it should be carried forward but in a regulated manner.

-Soumya De

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