OnePlus Unveils New 120Hz QHD OLED Display

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OnePlus has made its 120Hz Quad HD OLED display official at an event in China. After teasing the display technology on Weibo, the Chinese company revealed more details about this screen feature for its mobile devices. Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus, revealed on Weibo that the technology is now officially out of the research and development phase. This could mean that OnePlus 8 Pro will feature a 120Hz OLED display with Quad HD resolution. There are reports that standard OnePlus 8 will stick with 90Hz Fluid Display seen on the OnePlus 7T series.

The refresh rate is being upped to 120Hz, which is unsurprising given how popular the 90Hz display on recent OnePlus has been. Lau believes the new Fluid Display “will be the best smartphone display in 2020.”

This new display offers a 4,096-level automatic brightness adjustment, compared to a 1,024-level adjustment in regular phones. Brightness can be adjusted according to ambient light, while it offers multi-scene auto-dimming, and screen color temperature dimming.

The company also included a MEMC motion compensation chip. This chip is usually used in TVs in order to avoid motion blur.

OnePlus also boasted about the response time of its new display, compared to displays from other manufacturers. The whole presentation was in Chinese, so we cannot really offer you the whole graph.

During the press conference, the company also said that its 90Hz ‘Fluid AMOLED’ displays accounted for 77-percent of domestic sales when it comes to 90Hz displays.

That is pretty much all the info that we managed to get our hands-on. OnePlus may release some additional info for global consumers soon, or it will wait until the OnePlus 8 arrives.

The display lacks mention of HDR support at this moment. There is a possibility that OnePlus has not received certification just yet. The panel also comes with 4096 levels of brightness adjustment, up from 1024. This should help with the implementation of HDR standards.

The OnePlus 8 series is expected to launch during the second quarter of this year. OnePlus is pushing the adoption of displays with a high refresh rate. The next flagship could push the display technology even further. It is, however, important to note that Asus ROG Phone II already comes with a 120Hz OLED panel.

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