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OnePlus to begin 5G field trials with Qualcomm in India

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OnePlus has been doing extremely well in India. The company earns more money from the Indian market than it earns from its China. India is a huge market and it has created a brand here. A smartphone company that started out as a flagship killer is now bringing out phones that are better than many flagships around. The competition is immense and even then OnePlus emerges out in its bright red color.

The Chinese giant was founded by Pete Lau, who was then the vice president of Oppo. He founded the company with Carl Pei and were producing phones on a smaller scale. The company was trying to tend to a smaller market and were taking in inputs from their consumer base. However, there was a lot of demand and OnePlus noticed that Indian people were more interested in their device OnePlus One than the European market. The company then officially launched the device in the country. They were not interested in the Indian market before that.

OnePlus has always believed in powerful devices and it has always partnered with Qualcomm. It has used different chips since OnePlus One but the company has been loyal to the Snapdragon’s 800-series. The newest chip Snapdragon 855 is going to be used in OnePlus 7.

The American chipmakers newest chip is 5G enabled and the phones need to be tested before a company could claim the phones are really 5G or not. The country also has to provide a spectrum and OnePlus, given its attraction in India, is going to start 5G trials in India soon.

The company is not wasting any time at all. It is looking at certain markets and will look to bring out their best device at the best price. It is only sane to do trials in India at this moment because the company will have time to integrate the devices accordingly.

OnePlus released a statement in which it said that the Chinese company will be amongst the first few companies to conduct field trials and bring 5G phones in India. Apart from this it also emphasized on the fact that the company is going to bring the Snapdragon’s powerful 855 chipsets in its phone and will be one of the first privileged companies to do so in India.

The statement read, “It will be amongst the first OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to launch smartphones powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 mobile platform in India, and plans to work with Qualcomm on 5G trials.” Pete Lau, co-founder of OnePlus also said that the company has been loyal to the 800-series of Snapdragon and will continue to do so. He also said that his company’s partnership with Qualcomm will bring out the best 5G device in the world.

“We have been loyal to Qualcomm’s 800-series Snapdragon chipsets since the release of our very first flagship device. This strong partnership with Qualcomm makes us believe that we could bring the best 5G device to the world,” said Pete Lau during an event.

-Unmesh Phule

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