OnePlus Releases Android 9.5.5 Update For OnePlus 7 Pro

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OnePlus is a company which takes care of the software part of a smartphone as seriously as it takes the hardware. There are a lot of things that need to be considered when one is buying a smartphone. The software support of the company and then the after-sale service and how many years the company will support that particular device. It is as important as a warranty and guarantee of the device. The reason is that the world today survives on software and software only, there is very little place for anything other than that.

OnePlus, however, pays attention to almost every single aspect of the smartphone. These are the reasons people are loyal to OnePlus because their customers get everything they want. That being said, the company is still providing software support to their phone which was launched around 5 years ago. This tells us about the commitment of the company towards software updates and security patches. It is essential to get software updates because if you don’t, there will be attackers hacking into your devices with ease.

OnePlus 7 Pro gets its first update

OnePlus recently launched its first-ever all-screen premium smartphone. The phone is just outstanding to look at and there are no two things about it. The world witnessed a phone that dominated and used a mechanical camera in the best way possible. The phone just smashed Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Huawei P30 with its price tag and gave almost similar features along with a camera that is one of the best in the smartphones.

However, the 7 Pro received its first update. The company released the Android 9.5.5 update which is about 182MBs big and filled with a lot of minor updates. The reason for this was the updated camera via software tweaks. The company even had a blog post which talked about this update. The image quality was a major question when the company claimed low light photography and the HDR photos to be better. It was not the case.

This update is released to fix the issues and will provide better images along with better image resolution as well. OnePlus released a blog post for this update which read that the camera department is working day and night to give software updates that will tweak the images to look smarter and not foggy in low light with noise dominating most of it.

The blog post read, “The camera team has been working all the time on analyzing and fixing issues. Every system update contains code from the camera of improving the camera quality.” This is not a major update but an important one. There are going to be any significant updates which will hit the 7 Pros soon.

This update has been released for everyone but might not reach everyone at the same time. It will take time for all the phones to be updated to this new version.

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