OnePlus Offers Special Software Updates for Indians

OnePlus phone on a wooden plank

OnePlus is a company which is very India-centric and there are certain reasons for that. The company never targeted the Indian market and was looking to enter the European market. It was not even looking at India as a potential market for the kind of devices the company was making. However, the interest sparked once there were multiple buyers of the OnePlus One and they were going through a lot of trouble to buy the phone.

OnePlus understood that India is a price sensitive market and the motto of the company itself was to give a premium feel at a not so premium price. The company identified itself with the country and its mindset and decided to officially launch OnePlus 1 and OnePlus 2 as well. And since then, everything is history. People have taken to OnePlus like a fish to water.

OnePlus is now a huge brand in India. It has roped in a megastar to lead the ambassador’s wagon while the company has a lot of hopes from the Indian market for its upcoming devices. However, the one thing that OnePlus stands out for is the software updates and the support it provides to its users. It is one of the few companies that makes sure all its devices are supported throughout and does not leave a vulnerability in.

This is why the geeks and also the people who are not really interested in technology, love OnePlus. The design aspect of the phones and the cameras along with a powerful processor at a cost of a mid-range phone is all a consumer needs. Although OnePlus doesn’t stop at that, it provides more and more. This time, OnePlus had a gift for India.

An array of special features for India

OnePlus phones have one advantage over all the other phones and that is Oxygen OS. The company provides one of the best stock Android experiences and does not play much with the software. That being said, the company makes sure that the older versions of the phones are compatible with the newest software as well.

However, the company is now going to give Indian people special features and these features are different than most. The most interesting out of those features is the work and leisure time. This feature will allow people to work and keep the apps that disturb the most away for a certain period of time. These apps and the time can be selected while enabling the feature and it is quite a wonderful thing to have.

That being said, there are other features like caller identification where the app Truecaller becomes obsolete. OnePlus has studied the patterns of certain spam callers and the people who call for delivery and other things. There is a fixed list of spammers and whenever a spam call appears, there won’t be a number there but something called spam. The other unknown numbers will also pop up with names and there won’t be a need for Truecaller which needs permissions to do all of that.

The smart SMS is also a feature which is a bit different than the normal SMS. The smart SMS is enabled with the understanding of the type of SMS. If the SMS is confirming movie tickets then the seat number, timing, and the movie name will automatically be highlighted.

These are some of the features OnePlus has integrated just for the Indian people and are not available for anyone else.

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