OnePlus chooses Hyderabad for its biggest R&D facility

OnePlus is a company that has always emphasized on quality from day one. Right from their first device, OnePlus has seen phones that have been excellent in all aspects. The design of the phones, the material used, the software and its updates all have been first class at a not so first class price. This characteristic of the Chinese company to produce quality products and make them available at a very affordable price has made into a company that it is today.

The 2013 startup, now a major company, has looked at India as its biggest market. They have always targeted this largely populated country and have made special launches to please the consumers. India has been its largest foreign contributor as well. Although OnePlus serves 34 countries as of now, it does not hold a bigger market than India apart from their home soil.

The reason for this is very well explained in Market Trend’s Research Foundation’s (MTRF) survey. They did a survey on the Indian smartphone consumers. The output of that was that the Indian consumers are very “price sensitive”. If any company is offering a product with top-notch features at an aggressive price then Indians will be the first ones to jump on it regardless of the brand. Brand loyalty does not come easy in the Indian market.

However, OnePlus has managed gain a lot of fans and loyal ones at that in India. It is very hard to do that given the mentality of the market. But this is a total doing of OnePlus. They have provided quality products one after the other and when a company does that, it surely finds its feet. The MTRF survey also tells us that over 50% of the OnePlus holders will go back to it no matter what in the future. The after-sales service of OnePlus in India is second to none as well.

They have this unique process of quick service. The service centers of OnePlus work as quickly as 60 minutes. May it be any problem, if the spare part is available, your phone will be in your hands in an hour or less. This quality even in the after-sales service is what has given OnePlus a loyal fan base here. And because of receiving so much love OnePlus has decided to expand in India.

Earlier this week, Pete Lau, Founder, and CEO of OnePlus confirmed that it is going to open a new Research and Development (R&D) center in the capital of Telangana, Hyderabad. Hyderabad is one of the most sought-after cities when it comes to such centers as Apple recently opened its R&D center. OnePlus is the next big company to invest in Hyderabad.

Pete Lau has also confirmed that in three years’ time this research center is going to be the biggest the company has in any of the countries. The main reason to choose Hyderabad according to Pete is that it is also home to a lot of innovative startups and is a tech-savvy city. This center will play a very important role in the company’s future as it will totally focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning.

This also aligns with India’s Prime Minister’s policy of Make In India. The company is looking to hire fresh college graduates as well. It will start its hiring process this year itself with visiting IIT Delhi and Mumbai. That said, the Chinese company is looking forward to launching its McLaren version of 6T. The London launch will take place on December 11 while the Indian launch will take place on the following day in Mumbai.

– Unmesh Phule


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