OnePlus 7 Pro Haunts Users With Phantom Touch

OnePlus phone on a wooden plank

OnePlus is a company which is over the moon with its success. The phone is well received everywhere in the world. There are regions where the demand is exceeding the supply and this has given the company a positive headache. The analysts had the numbers wrong as the company misjudged the audience. The phone is one of its kind and has a popup camera that can last for 300 thousand appearances, which means that if you use the front camera for 150 times a day, it will take around 5 and a half years for it to burn out.

That being said, the company is the first tech giant to pull off a near 100% screen to body ratio. There are a lot of things that are new in this phone. The mechanical camera might not be the world’s first ever camera but the display on the phone surely is. The 90Hz display is surely one of the best in the world and there is no display which has a refresh rate that high on a smartphone. It is the first time anyone has ever pulled off. The cost of the phone is also not that high. It is offering almost all the features similar to Galaxy S10 but looks better and has no punch-hole display.

However, there was something that was not good for the company’s reputation and especially the OnePlus 7 Pro’s reputation. There were some bugs and needed fixing and it was quite serious at first but multiple websites have tried to solve the problem. However, there is an official update that is coming which will solve the problem.

The Phantom Touch conundrum

The problem with the phone was that there were automatic touches on the phone. This was happening on many devices and on a regular basis. Many of them have posted about the same on the forum which the OnePlus trying to take care. Android Police and others posted a video of how to fix the problem but there were a lot of other problems that were created because of this.

This is where everything needed a fix and there was no room for playing around. The company promised to release a patch for the same and there will be things that will take care of the ‘Phantom Touch’. Phantom Touch is the name given by the users, some like to call it Ghost Touch as well. However, apart from the fancy names, the problem needs to be solved and there are no two things about it.

The China Market

The market in China was anticipated to be calm and mellow. However, the phone flew off the shelf and the stock was all over before the company knew. OnePlus was not expecting such a response from the home market and still, it was brilliant. The company is now preparing for another batch to be distributed. It is quite a success, OnePlus 7 Pro and even the company did not expect such a response from China and all over the world.

The OnePlus 7 is going to launch on the 4th of June in India and all over the world.

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