One plus 7T 90HZ Fluid Gaming Screen, Difficult to Complete with Flagship

OnePlus 7T

OnePlus mobile phone, although outside the ranks of ‘HuaMiOV’ i.e. Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo, but it has little to do with it. It is the smartphone brand of Shenzhen Wanpraisi Technology Co., Ltd. founded by Liu Zuohu, former deputy general manager of OPPO.

As early as 2014, a new mobile phone began to release new products, but it has been tepid. Until the first half of this year, the first release of the new flagship OnePlus 7 Pro, with 90HZ fluid e-sports screen and more reasonable prices, the mobile phone market in the first half of this year.

On October 15th, one plus mobile phone held a press conference in Beijing, and a new 7T and one plus 7T Pro were introduced. One plus 7T full series is still equipped with 90HZ fluid screen. The system is equipped with Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 855 Plus mobile platform, integrated standard UFS 3.0 and Warp flash charging 30T. One plus 7T price starts at 3,199 yuan, and one plus 7T Pro starts at 4,599 yuan.

It must be said that the addition of 7T, whether in appearance or configuration, has not changed much from the previous generation. And its main propaganda point “90HZ e-sports fluid screen” has attracted many criticisms since the previous generation. In the autumn parade of many flagship mobile phones, can you add 7T to the top?

Minor Improvements

One plus 7T and one plus seven have almost no difference in visual effect. It still uses a full-screen solution for the water drop screen and does not choose the same lifting structure as the one plus 7 Pro, which makes the screen ratio decline. In addition, in the processing of the top “waterdrop” area, the “waterdrop” and the edge of the screen are connected in a curved arc, which seems to be a little more harmonious than the previous generation, because the previous generation plus one has had a user spit, and there is a phenomenon of leakage of glue at the water drop area. .

In terms of parameter specifications, one plus 7T is equipped with a 6.55 inch 20:9 fluid AMOLED 90Hz screen, the screen size is slightly larger than 1 plus 7, the resolution is 2400×1080, the PPI is 402, and the surface coverage is also 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass material.

It is worth mentioning that the new generation of AMOLED luminescent materials used in this screen of 7T, officially said that its short-wave blue light is reduced by 40%, and passed the German Rhine Eye Comfort certification. But the actual effect does not seem to be significantly different from one plus seven.

Another point that lets users vomit is that the 3.5mm headphone jack has been cancelled by 1 plus 7T. Improved the dual speakers of Dolby Panorama are also equipped with a relatively large speaker opening at the top of the fuselage. When playing games with external speakers, even if the palms block the bottom speakers, you can still get some sound performance.

In terms of the camera, one plus 7T is not much upgraded compared to the previous generation plus 7Pro. The rear three shots are 48 million main shots (Sony IMX586 sensor) + 16 million super wide-angle (117 degrees) + 8 million telephotos, the same is For the three shots, the lens pixel parameters have not changed.

In terms of self-timer, the 1+7T front camera is the same as the 1 plus 7. Equipped with a 16-megapixel front camera, Sony IMX471 sensor, F/2.0 aperture, support for face unlocking, artificial intelligence beauty selfies and other functions.

The difference is that this one plus 7T will be equipped with a video super anti-shake function (based on the super wide-angle lens), and the actual anti-shake effect is good by manually turning on the camera interface.

90HZ Gaming Screen Controversy

Focus on the 7K high-profile 90HZ screen refresh rate. One plus 7T fluid screen by default, the screen refresh rate is 90HZ. Of course, you can manually adjust the adjustment to 60HZ in the display settings. Compared to the 60HZ refresh rate, the 90HZ refresh rate does excel in large games or high-density video.

However, there is a problem with the actual use. The problem is that, unlike many large-scale action games on the computer side, the really big games on the mobile phone are actually very few. Even if the mobile phone screen has a 90HZ refresh rate, the mobile game console does not support and match. In other words, most games do not support 90HZ animation support during the specific game. In the case that the output source has been less than 90 Hz, the screen of the mobile phone is futile despite supporting a high refresh rate. On the contrary, it will increase the power consumption and function loss of the screen, resulting in higher heat generation rate.

At present, the official announcement of the 7T official is that only the QQ Flying Rider version supports the 90HZ mode, and the chicken game like the high refresh rate is not suitable for the peace elite, and many other mainstream games such as the glory of the king. Ace warriors, fortress front lines, quantum special attacks, crossing fire lines, and Swordsman are also not suitable.

Due to the high endurance and heat dissipation requirements of the mobile phone itself in the high frame rate mode, from the perspective of the game manufacturer, considering the user experience of more players, the open frame rate is also more cautious.

So we can see that although 1 plus 7T can provide support on the hardware level, it only supports some mobile games with relatively large player base in the market. In terms of video playback, ordinary users may rarely have a high frame rate. The playback operation appears. In this case, it seems that such a 90HZ is just an extra power consumption burden.

Of course, with more and more mobile phones equipped with 90HZ screens, this situation should be improved, but this process still needs more upstream and downstream manufacturers to promote.

5G left behind, Wireless Charging is Missing

Since last month, with Huawei officially releasing the Mate30 series in Shanghai, China’s four major mobile phone manufacturers have almost completed the “parade” of the flagship machine in the local market in the second half of the year. According to data from the second quarter of the Internet data centre, global mobile phone shipments declined for seven consecutive quarters. In 2019, as a key node for 5G commercialization, it has become a topic that new flagships cannot bypass.

From the VIVO NEX3 5G version to the Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G release, and Huawei Mate 30 5G, one after another, the flagship 5G came out. The 5G mobile phone is no longer a concept but has been played by the major mobile phone manufacturers in the applause.

As a new generation mobile phone promotion concept, 5G has a gap compared with any other concept, because it can bring the whole update iteration of the mobile phone, and it can bring a new wave of user growth points.

The OnePlus 7T Pro this time, whether from the price point of view or from the degree of attention of manufacturers, no one does not want to compete with other flagships. However, this time, it is still not equipped with 5G. For the new machine released on this node, it can be said that it is a big drop. After all, the price users spend may be the same. And if one is not equipped with 5G, and the other is equipped, the user will naturally choose the party that is more closely following the trend and situation.

In addition, the price of a 7T Pro has reached 4,599 yuan but still does not support wireless charging. At the same time, even if it is wired, its charging rate is only 30T fast charge. Compared to the 65W Super Flash Charger of OPPO Reno Ace, which is released at the same price and has the same processor configuration and 90HZ fluid screen, the addition of 7T Pro 30T is not enough.

In addition, its battery capacity is only 4085mAh. Under the support of 90HZ fluid screen and 2K resolution, the power consumption is almost like running water. Such a power-down speed and flash-fill rate can’t be matched, and it can have a great impact on patients with a severe fever.

No Advantage in Competing Products at Similar Price

At the same time as the addition of 7T, too many mobile phone manufacturers have squeezed their new product release into a pile. Everyone is competing for their soft power and hard power under the same exposure. Among them, there is no shortage of mobile phones with the same price level as the one plus 7T, and the same positioning and market differentiation, bringing fierce competition.

First of all, OPPO Reno Ace, which is also a 90HZ e-sports fluid screen, is still a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus processor but equipped with a 65W super flash charger. At the same time, there are 48 million super clear four shots, etc. Compared with one plus 7T, there is one more depth of field lens, which is definitely better than one plus 7T in terms of portrait blur.

Followed by realme X2 Pro, realme as a new brand in the new product release has always had the daring to “leapfrog” belief. In just one and a half years, it has won 17 million users. As the main price-performance mobile phone brand positioning, it is even faster than the original red rice and glory. From its new realme X2 Pro, 64 million ultra-clear 4 shots:

  1. Snapdragon’s flagship Processor 855plus
  2. 50W super flash charge, also the 90HZ fluid screen
  3. The price is only 2599 yuan.
  4. It can be said that in terms of hardware parameters and price, it has formed a strong pressure on one plus 7T.

It can be said in terms of hardware parametres and price. It ha formed a strong pressure on OnePlus 7T.

In contrast, the addition of 7T Pro, the 8G standard version and the 12G customized version, the price is 4599 and 5299 respectively. The horizontal contrast of the one plus 7Pro compared to the same storage version does not seem to improve much. In fact, from a selective point of view, the starting price has risen by 600 yuan. The upgrade brought by the product itself is only the performance improvement of the toothpaste squeeze type, and the premium is a bit high.

At the same time, when the major 5G mobile phones are on sale, one plus 7T does not support 5G networks. I think it is the biggest regret. Since the 5G is not supported, the iPhone 11 series is being promoted by many parties, not to mention Android phones.

Because this will bring a big discount to its product life cycle. Xiaobian personally believes that the life cycle of this phone is really less than one year, estimated to be only eight or nine months. This is a huge flaw. The price of 7T Pro is 4599, which is lower than the 5G mobile phone Xiaomi 9 Pro and IQOO Pro 5G. However, in the face of these 5G function mobile phones, one plus 7T obviously does not account for Advantage.

At first, I thought that one plus 7T Pro might be equipped with wireless charging function, which is what many people expected because the price of one plus 7T Pro is high, but the product is very disappointing after the release. Not only does it not add wireless charging, but the body is still very thick and has a thickness of 8.8 mm. The weight of the bare metal is 206g, which is more than half a catty after the phone case is installed. This is not friendly enough for users who prefer lightweight and one-handed operation. At the same time, it does not support wireless charging and can not support the low price of 4599. After all, the price of Huawei Mate30 and Xiaomi 9 Pro are both low, and there are wireless fast charging functions, so the competitive advantage of one plus 7T Pro is very small.

In short, compared with the previous generation, there seems to be no significant improvement in one plus 7T. Its proud 90HZ gaming screen is also easily equipped by other manufacturers at a lower price. It does not support 5G, and there is no wireless charging function. It seems difficult for OnePlus to continue its dominance with such performance.

Author – Yu Jian

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