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ONE Delhi, the app for commuters is here to greet us

A girl waits while metro zooms past her

Delhi is one of those cities which is very sought after, it has its own problems but it manages to come out as one of the developed cities. The fact that it has its own government also helps along with it being the capital of the nation. That said, Delhi has had a lot of problems of its own. It is suffering from severe pollution problems and the government is trying to solve that with EVs.

That said, there are a lot of other things the Delhi people are going to enjoy. The most recent of those is the application for all the people in Delhi. The commuters in Delhi, who use the metro or any of the public transport, on a daily basis, have a lot of things to worry about.

The timings of the metro, the timings of the buses, the arrival of buses at a specific bus stop and apart from all this, there is live tracking always. So that if the bus is not there at its stop on the given time or if the train is not there, then you can track it live. These are the features of ONE Delhi. That said, this is not the first time the Delhi Government has tried something out of the box. It has already tried to provide something of this sorts before.

There was this initiative known as PoochO app. However, the app failed on multiple levels. That is the reason the app only had 100k downloads out of the 29 million Delhi people. This is why the app failed but now Delhi is out with its new app it is brilliant. That said, there are other things which will be integrated into the applications and that is ONE Card. A card which will help users pay and do a lot more things for Delhi.

ONE Delhi, however, has competition and it will compete with Moovit, which is an international company and is already present in five cities in India. The competition might not be brutal as people would prefer a trusted government app over any international application. However, everything depends on people.

Delhi is also planning to bring in electric buses. Around 1000 electric buses will be seen on road before 2019. This app will help in understanding the routes of those buses as well. ONE Delhi might just be able to break barriers like many cities with metros and such a huge population that travels with the help of public transport.

The application, however, has a drawback. It does not support vernacular languages. That is a bummer as there are all classes of people traveling in Delhi and not everyone understands English. It would have been better for Delhi to introduce this feature. It might come up in the updates as it is important.

-Unmesh Phule


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