One Card for all of India to travel and pay

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Public transport is a topic of concern when it comes to India. There are certain things which makes Indian people travel with their own vehicles instead of taking public transport. It might have to do with the lack of infrastructure but it is definitely not that. The ease of use is also not the concern for any of them and it is surely not that it is not convenient. The real problem lies with the complications when it comes to the payment and the ease of paying.

It is very inconvenient for the common man to have different passes for metros, buses, trains. Apart from this, one couldn’t use his pass from one state into another. That was another bummer. The One Card which was issued by one state was also not valid in another state. This is where the government has chipped in. The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, recently unveiled the metro in Ahmedabad and during the unveiling, he launched a National Common Mobility Card (NCMC).

The NCMC is based on the One Nation One Card model. Till now there was One Cards for public transports in different states but it was inconvenient. This NCMC will be integrated with RuPay and it will not only allow users to pay offline but also will be helpful to withdraw cash in case of an emergency. People using NCMC can pay for any public transport in any state. They won’t need to have any other modes of payments or access cards for the same.

NCMC are bank-issued cards and will work on the lines of Debit/Credit/Prepaid cards. The statement released during the launch also said the same. The statement read, “ These are bank-issued cards on Debit/Credit/Prepaid card product platform. The customer may use this single card for payments across all segments including metro, bus, suburban railways, toll, parking, smart city, and retail.”

This card will also support other features which go along the same line. Features like monthly passes, season tickets, weekly tickets, etc. Transport in India is not bad at all, however, it needed a revamp and the revamp is happening along with digital transformation and the Indian government is looking to cash in on the same. These cards will help people travel with ease and not stress about payments and tickets.

Ola, the cab aggregators, recently posted a study of its own. The study was titled as ‘Ease of Moving Index’. This study gives us an idea about how many people in India really want to use public transport. The result is fantastic as 80% of the people would prefer using public transport rather than driving their own vehicles around.

The survey also revealed that Chennai is the city which has people who use public transport the most. Mumbai has the least number of people using public transportation.

-Unmesh Phule

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