OLD is GOLD for a lot of Indian smartphone consumers

The smartphone is one such device that inculcates numerous path-breaking innovations of the modern era. Camera, Radio, internet music player, so on and so forth can be found in a smartphone. The smartphone is replacing most of the previous generations’ gadgets, as the quality gets better. Smartphone cameras are competing straight with the entry-level DSLR cameras and almost no one uses a dedicated radio anymore as they can be found in most of the smartphones nowadays.

Indian market is huge in terms of the number of consumers and the size of the economy. It has surpassed the US to grab the second spot in the world’s largest smartphone markets behind China. There is a lot of hype about the booming smartphone market of India and its prospects to surpass China in recent years. However, there is a totally different and parallel market booming in the Indian technology sector that only a few people pay attention to.

The technology used in the smartphones changes almost every couple of months. As the smartphone technology changes very frequently, many users shift from one phone to another in a matter of months. The old smartphone is of no use to most of the first user. So instead of discarding these models, the user needs to gain something out of them. There are a few options to sell these smartphones through various used goods websites such as OLX and Quikr and physical stores such as CEX stores in India.

Used smartphones allow the purchaser to own the desired specifications in a smartphone but at a very reasonable rate. For example, if a person wants to own a Samsung Galaxy Note series smartphone but her/his budget is less than the actual price then purchasing a used device will be a smarter choice.

There is another variant of used devices known as refurbished products. Manufacturing process always has a certain percentage of products that are not up to the mark and not in the condition to be sold directly. The refurbished products are the devices that the company sells with warranty and after necessary repairs and replacements are done. However, a normally used product does not come with those features. There are websites and numerous physical stores that sell certified refurbished electronics goods in India.

Used devices are more often than not in excellent condition. It is the smartphone brands and the product reviews on the internet that makes the users believe that a one-year-old device is now out of the market and no more in working condition. In reality, these products work just fine and in some cases are even better than the new models in certain parameters. In countries such as India where the income difference is huge, a huge number of people opt for the value for money products. Users are very price sensitive and having the option to buy a not so old but second hand or refurbished product opens up new avenues for experiencing the products that they could have never been able to purchase NEW.

New electronics goods always have ceratin bling to them in terms of looks and performance but that does not mean that an old device loses everything after the first time it is sold. It is our suggestion to read the reviews on the internet about any model that you might like and then visit the websites and stores that sells used products or refurbished products. The options offered there might amaze you and you can get pretty amazing deals there.

-Soumya De

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