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Ola was banned for a day for misusing bike taxis; before the state government revoked the ban

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Ola is a company which has gone through a tumultuous time. It is a company which had problems with its bike business. It failed miserably in numerous cities around the country. Ola had to shut down many of its bike taxis within the first six months of the start. The bike taxis couldn’t really take off and many of the cities had no regulations for the same. Apart from this, the company had also failed with its electric cars plan in Nagpur. The drivers reported that the electric cars were not well-equipped and the infrastructure was not there at all.

That said, there was another setback for the company. A couple of days ago, the Karnataka state government was looking at Ola for its bike taxis in the city of Bengaluru. There are no regulations which instate that Ola could keep the bike taxi business running but it was running and the Karnataka State government spotted it. This brought on a suspension of Ola’s license in the state. This was a huge blow as the company had to face a ban for six months from all activities.

The state commissioner of Transport, V. P. Ikkeri said that it is a temporary ban for Ola and if the response is satisfactory then the ban won’t be implemented. He said, “It’s a temporary suspension and if they give us a satisfactory response, then we won’t need to implement the ban.” That said, the ban did not last long as the response was good enough from Ola. The state government revoked the ban on Sunday.

The Mumbai-based company already has a lot of hierarchy problems going on and this could have been a huge blow as Bengaluru is one of the major cities in the country. That said, the minister of Social Justice, Priyank Kharge, took to Twitter to announce that the ban was revoked. He wrote that Ola will resume work from Sunday and emphasized on the fact that there was a dire need for regulations and policies to catch up with new technologies around the country.

His tweet read, “@Olacabs will run their business as usual from today. However, there is an urgent need for policies to catch-up with new technologies & also industries too should work closer with Govt to help evolve policies for innovations.”

The company went to Kharge for help when its license was suspended for a period of six months. That said, there is a problem with policies even in Bengaluru. The state capital is one of the largest startup ecosystems and it is shame that even this city’s policies are not up to date. There needs to be someone taking care of this so that the newer technologies could take effect without having to go through all the unnecessary problems.

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