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Ola launches Tuk Tuk in the United Kingdom

Ola tuks tuks in liverpool

Ola is a fantastic company and is giving Uber a tough fight in India. The Indian company was even looking to buy the Indian outlet of Uber but the deal failed. The Softbank backed company is looking at the world as an oyster. It had to fight some controversies earlier this month but is winning in the international market. The company has been doing a lot of good work all over the country and has surpassed Uber in the fist fight.

That being said, the company has already deep roots in the Indian market and is looking to expand all over the world. The company, therefore, entered the United Kingdom last year as it acquired the license for operating in South Wales and Greater Manchester. The company hence launched something which is true to the Indian culture; the auto rickshaws.

Ola tuk tuk on the streets of Liverpool
[Ola, Twitter]
Ola Tuk Tuk as they are known in the UK has been launched in Liverpool. On the day of the launch, that was a day before yesterday, Ola offered free rides around the city center. The Tuk Tuk has taken over the internet as Ola asked people who are hailing the free ride to use the hashtag #OlaLiverpool. The company was working towards cutting the Uber market in the city as it has a huge presence there. The company is looking to take the fight to Uber internationally as well as it is making progress.

The Tuks Tuks are made by the companies Bajaj and Piaggio which are currently serving in the UK. That said, this is not the first time Ola has forayed internationally. It is already present in Christchurch, Auckland, and Wellington in New Zealand and has a presence in Perth, Australia with Dhaka in Bangladesh. Sri Lanka is also a market for Ola at the moment with its operations in Colombo.

This tells us that the company is really looking at the international market seriously. It is looking to take the fight to Uber internationally as well. The company has divided its operations at the top. The two co-founders have taken different responsibilities and the company has taken different routes as well. Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati have split up into two different organizations hypothetically. As Aggarwal is going to handle the international business and Bhati is going to look after the Indian business.

This way the company would be able to function easily and there will be no complications. The international market is still young for Ola and it will need a lot of work and money to make it grow. The investments are there and the company will look to enter new nations with newer plans.

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