Nvidia’s GauGan turns doodles into realistic images

Nvidia's new software photo

Nvidia, which is marketed as NVIDIA and has a logo which spells it as nVIDIA is a company from the United States of America. Nvidia Corporation is based in California, it is known for its Graphics Processing Unit which is long for GPU and also for System on Chips unit (SoCs). The company has made its names for building GPUs which are best in the business. It is known for its outlandish specs and design while has partnered with many gaming companies to date.

Advanced Micro Devices, better known as AMD is the direct competitor of Nvidia. The company produces a lot of products but in the last five years, the company’s focus has been shifted to a few products and not one. Gaming, Professional Visualization, Data Centers and Auto are the four categories which Nvidia now loves is paying attention to. The company is focused on new technologies as well. Artificial Intelligence is also something the company is looking at.

The California-based company is also interested in Artificial Intelligence as it is an integral part of the products they produce. That said, the company has been playing a bit with the AI. The team at Nvidia have developed something incredible. To put it straight out there, the company has developed an AI engine which converts your normal doodles into realistic images. Yes, it is true and no, it cannot turn random scribble into realistic images.

The neural GAN network is something which is developed by Nvidia. It is known as GauGan and has a database of thousands of landscape images which are instilled from Flickr, which is a photo platform. This AI does not combine the doodles or colors but has its own way of looking at the picture. This means that the AI creates a new picture from scratch. The understanding of the doodle comes from the database which the GAN network is filled with.

Artificial Intelligence has understood certain patterns. The patterns are very common to us humans but a machine learning this is incredible. Suppose a doodle has a lake and mountains hovering behind it, the reflection of the mountains will be seen on the water of the lake. If there is snow then the sky will be grey and there will be no leaves on the trees. These are the normal things the AI understands. And these are some of the essential things it needs to understand.

The app that does this looks like Microsoft Paint and it is very easy to use. The fascinating double window interface helps us understand and makes it fun to use. The ease of use is also kept in mind by Nvidia. It is almost a carbon copy of MS Paint but is different enough to stand out.

GauGan is not here to replace MS Paint. That is because this app or the software will be used to create the basic world for games and give an idea to the game developers as to how the world might look. This is because the developers have to go through the tumultuous process of creating visualizations through various software. This requires a lot of time. That said, GauGan is fascinating and brilliant at the same time. The future of such apps will depend on how public this tech will be. It is totally up to Nvidia Corporation and its decision to cash in on it or not.

-Unmesh Phule

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