Nike Adapt BB: Self-Lacing Smart Shoes

Nike Adapt BB

In an era where technology is taking over everything known to humankind, shoes were the last thing one could think of that would get high-tech. However, in the fast-paced technology development and its penetration into various aspects of daily life, shoes were not far from being integrated. Smart shoes are a thing now and there are a few brands that offer these in various forms with various features.

One of the first brands that come to the mind when talking of shoes is Nike. This American behemoth is popular for high-quality shoes and other sports apparel. Since its inception, the brand has focused on delivering the best comfort and style in their shoe lineup. However, now they have started including newer features, which are smart and can allure the youth with their technology.

The Sci-fi movie, ‘Back to the Future 2’ featured a smart shoe that was futuristic for that time as it had self-lacing feature and lights but now it has been made into a reality by Nike. The company has launched the latest version of its Adapt series called the BB. Nike has been the pioneer of many revolutionary shoe designs till date but the Adapt BB is by far the most advanced from the shoe behemoth.

Nike Adapt BB can be synced with its smartphone app which can then be used by the wearer to control the RGB lighting and the tightness of the shoelaces differently on the left and the right foot. The full lockdown experience of this shoe is unmatched according to the testers. The reason is that unlike a normal laced up shoes, the stress of the lockdown is kept constantly the same.

The major question that this technology raises is on its own existence. Is it necessary to have such technologies in a pair of shoes? Can’t research be done and resources be spent on areas that need more attention and can have a huge impact on a larger group of people as compared to these shoes that are just meant for the professional players?

The answer is, Yes. Nike is a sports apparel and shoe manufacturing brand, well known in almost all the countries across the world due to the brand’s popularity and wide presence in some of the most popular games across the world such as Football, Cricket, Basketball, and Tennis. With the huge financial resources and technological prowess, the brand can develop shoes that can be eco-friendly, which is the need of the hour and also shoes for the underprivileged and the poor who will hugely benefit from this initiative. Moreover, people are getting irritated with the amount of tech that is taking over their life and an additional set of equipment in a pair of shoes is just going over the top.

It seems like a norm that all the things that people wear needs to be automated or smart from now on as companies are investing huge amounts of money and other resources to integrate the smart technologies into them so that they can be synced with your daily driver, the smartphone. The famous shoe brand and Nike’s biggest rival Adidas is also working on a similar project and these two companies have the calibre to inspire other companies and also start a race among other manufacturers to create such smart shoes.

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