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New TCL TVs can hear your every word — even in noisy rooms

Original: Digital Trends, September 3

Analysis: IFA is one of the greatest tech events on this planet and this year it is held in Berlin, Germany. The event witnessed the launch of Synaptics’ Audio smart far-field voice (FFV). It is TCL’s new technology for TVs. The technology takes voice control to new levels as it has Alexa built-in.

TVs are getting smarter each day and with the help of new voice-control technology, the age-old fight for the remote has been eliminated. Users can now just speak to their smart TVs and it will work on their voice commands.

The FFV technology helps in eliminating the ambient noise and receives the users’ voice clearly without any disruption in the due process. This way, there is no lag in the command and action between the users and the TVs.

The TCL TVs come with built-in Alexa support which is gradually becoming the new normal for voice control devices al around the world. While numerous companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung have their own voice assistants, Amazon’s Alexa has been one of the most popular and installed on over 20,000 devices already.

TCL is the new entrant in the European market and as per today’s report, it is on track to become the fastest growing player in the market.

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