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Nepal become one of the first countries to sink the ship of PUBG

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Player Unknown BattleGround, commonly known as PUBG, is a game which has made the youth it’s own. It has managed to win the hearts with its fantastic concept and has made people fall in love with the game. The game has become a trend and a lasting one at that. The South Korean company Bluehole is the organization behind taking youth in its hands. The game has become a phenomenon in all of India and regions around it. There are countries trying to control its kids from it and it has become a thing of addiction.

There are people going in rehabilitation centers to get rid of the PUBG addiction. Students are failing exams so that they could win a single game. It is hard for parents to control their kids when they are addicted to such games. There are cases of the same in Hyderabad, Bangalore and even in Pune where students are finding it hard to control their studies because of a videogame. That being said, there is a whole country which has banned the game.

Nepal, a small country based amidst nature’s beauty and wrath, has taken this harsh decision. The country authorities have taken matters in their hands and have banned PUBG. The ban was ordered by Sandip Adhikari, the deputy director of Nepal Telecommunications Authority. The reason cited was the addictive nature of the game and especially for children which is harmful in every way possible. “We have ordered the ban on PUBG because it is addictive to children and teenagers,” Adhikari told Reuters about the same.

The ban will come in effect on Thursday next week. That being said, this is a good step by Nepal, it will increase the efficiency of the kids who are living their life online. There are some very scary scenarios across the world where people are living their lives online. No one is leaving their houses and are active socially or maintain a social circle. It is getting harder and harder to pull people away from just existing online and forgetting that they have a real life.

Games like PUBG, Fortnite, Warcraft, DOTA, and many others have already caught hold of dreams and crushed them. Videogames are basically meant to be stress busters but youth are making it their lives and it has to stop somewhere. It is not long until India also bans such games.

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