National Security Law To Bring Peace And Long-Term Prosperity To Hong Kong

“National Security Law Hong Kong is a needed ‘anti-virus patch’ to revitalize the vulnerable-to-attack society” Dr. Johnny Ng, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), said “the implementation of the national security law in Hong Kong as announced is legitimate, reasonable, necessary and important. It is clearly an effective way, if not the only way, to get back into the swing of things and to ensure long-term prosperity in the community.”

According to his observations, the long-lasting protests and riots have been severely impacting everyone’s everyday life. The common interest of the general public despite different views is to bring back a normal life. Most jurisdictions have their own versions of national security law whereby, unfortunately, Hong Kong failed to implement any such protective measure as required by the Basic Law. Such a gap in legislation leads to massive political attack and disturbance locally in Hong Kong unscrupulously, and that it makes the 7 million people community as well as 1.4 billion in China unsafe. This makes the recently announced national security law important. Moreover, In accordance with the “One-Country-Two-Systems” principles, the National People’s Congress (NPC) completes the legislation loophole given Hong Kong failed to fulfill this constitutional responsibility is certainly legitimate and reasonable.

Some argue this will limit human rights and freedom. “In my opinion the law is against a minimal minority who do not work for the aligned interest of the society. No majority’s rights and freedom will be affected. In contrary the law will better protect rights, freedom, and voices of the majority who are now silenced by radical minorities. The law is like an anti-virus software patch, helps disinfect existing viruses, and protects Hong Kong as an international platform in the long run.”

Dr. Ng also has heard voices from youth. “Some of my friends are running small businesses like restaurants in Hong Kong. When the riots go on and on, they are deeply worried about the loss of tourists and business and there seems no end to it. With the national security law implementation, they see hope and are prepared for expansion. They believe the law will revitalize the shrinking economy.” Dr. Ng said.

In summary, Dr. Ng believes “the national security law will bring peace and long-term prosperity to the society.”

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