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Nanoleaf Canvas making smart homes that much more fun to move into

Smart Homes are the thing nowadays. Everyone who wants to buy or build a home is after smart homes. It is the future and it is also the present in a sense. We have already seen a lot of changes in the homes of the riches. However, the smart homes will only be in the market when they are available to the general public and at a cost which will be affordable.

There are things smart homes can bring which are beyond our imaginations. Things like smart security have no limit if you have an abundance of money. People who are rich enough have things like laser curtains, bulletproof glass, some even request for bulletproof shutters to stay away from gunmen. There things like blast proof floors, explosive proof walls and even security for chemical attacks. It is just absurd to even think about such kind of security.

That said, smart home adds to the aesthetic of the house as well. There are designs which blow our mind to an extent that it becomes hard to think. Every brick laid while building a smart home is thought off and every glass used is for some purpose. The outer beauty of a house is one thing but the interior is something which is looked after quite seriously.

The main thing which makes the interior look beautiful is the lighting. There are so many types of lightings a smart home can accommodate, there are numerous ways to make your home look just based on the lighting and there are so many possibilities a designer can go with. One can normally go and buy color changing lights, one can buy the normal LEDs such as Philips Hue Signe which offer a feel of smart home with all the features it has or, read this carefully, you can just go and spend $248 to buy Nanoleaf Canvas.

Nanoleaf Canvas, come with nine touch-effective/sensitive, square panels which glow in 16 million different colors individually. The starter kit for the same is available and quite hilariously named as ‘Smarter Kit’. Canvas comes with an inbuilt audio sensor. This doesn’t end here, the lights or the square panels can actually sync with the music you are playing or a movie you are watching and do a disco; literally.

Canvas is wall-mounted lighting panels which are easily mounted but not like a lamp. They actually need a bit of planning and execution. You are given a thorough setup guide and it makes the installation that much easier. It is DIY for all those who care just require a bit of brain, design sense and $248 of course.

Operating the Canvas is no rocket science either. One can use the touch-sensitive panels or there is an application with which you can control the lights. That is actually fun, children’s bedroom might be a nice idea for this as they can play with the colors using the touch-sensitive panels. Once you touch the panel it actually sends a ripple across the connected panels or it changes the colors. The application is also an interactive one which is easy and requires just a few touches to see the results on the panels.

Such things make a house turn into a home. Smart homes might be the thing for the future but they are certainly here to stay. Products like Nanoleaf Canvas will surely illuminate the smart home industry and people will move to smarter homes in the near future.

– Unmesh Phule

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