Myntra’s Roadster Store In Bangalore Is Grabbing Eyeballs

Myntra logo on the mobile phone

Myntra has changed a lot under the leadership of Walmart. There are multiple things that changed when the Flipkart-owned brand was under the radar for not being up to the mark. The fashion outlet of Flipkart was not performing well and there was another platform, Jabong which was taken into consideration by Walmart. The one thing Walmart decided to do was integrate Myntra and Jabong at the helm while the platforms remained different.

This is where the changes took place and the performance increased. The offers were back on track and the logistics did not fall behind. By creating synergy at the helm, Myntra and Jabong could understand the differences on the ground. Since the decision, the logistics and the delivery time has improved as everything became one. This is where the company is making the right decisions.

That being said, Roadster, a brand of Myntra is having a ball. It has been performing extremely well online and now it has presence offline as well. It has its own store in Bengaluru and the store is not an ordinary one. It is an example of what happens when fashion meets technology. Let us take a closer look at it.

The Roadster Store

The Roadster store in Bangalore has to be one of the best stores with fewer salespeople. There are no people lining at the cash counters as well because there are no cash counters. The reason for this is that everything is done by the customers themselves and even the information to be known by the customers about a certain item in the store is provided via screens. The way this is done is that the customers will have to hold the clothes against a screen which will then provide all the information about the item you are looking at.

This is how things change. The cash counters are removed in order to quicken the delivery process as the 3200 sq. mtr store can do the exit process within 30 seconds. The payment can be done via placing all the products in the RFID tray which capture the product details and the bill will appear on the screen. The consumers can pay via debit and credit card when the confirmation arrives.

This is one of the most advanced stores in India and the future of shopping centers. There will be less and fewer people showing you clothes and informing you about the same. The computers will take over this process. Amar Nagaram, head of Myntra and Jabong was emphasizing on the integration of two very different fields in fashion and technology.

He said, “Roadster has shown how fashion and technology, when integrated, create unique experiences that take offline shopping to a new level. As a pioneer in an omni-channel fashion, Myntra is committed to strengthening its offline presence through a franchise model and offer new experiences to engage customers and make shopping fast and seamless through technology.”

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