Mygate: A Security and Community Manager for All

Security Guard

Security is an issue that concern countries, institutions and also individuals in varying sectors but with the same intensity. It is one of the basic necessities for existence. Countries have their armies for protection and institutions have their own set of protections. However, when it comes to individuals or for that matter the apartments and societies, the protection is very minimal in the form of security guards.

Technology has seeped into most parts of our lives and security is one of the most important of them that needs the development and integration of technology right away. Mygate is an Indian startup trying to take up the responsibility to bring the security technology to the common people through its app.

According to Mygate, it is an app that simplifies life for everyone in a gated community, from residents and management committee members to security guards and facility managers. It is packed with features and reduces many hassles such as authorizing entry of delivery executives, paying maintenance bills, raising a ticket to the facility manager with a single click.

The company offers two broad services namely Security Management and Community Management. Basically, it offers a complete package for any community, apartment or society. On the one hand, under the Security Management, Mygate offers the service to ensure that every person, package or vehicle entering the community is authorised by a resident. On the other hand, under the Community Management, it offers to manage accounts and payments, resolve complaints and keep the community up-to-date with all that’s going on in the society. This makes the functioning easy for the management committee and residents alike.

The Bengaluru based startup is co-founded by Mr. Vijay Arisetti, an Ex Indian Armed Forces Personnel. Mygate has raised $56 million in its recent Series B funding. The major investors in this round were the Chinese internet giant Tencent and the US-based investment firm Tiger Global. Other investors were JS Capital and Prime Ventures Partners.

After coming back from the army, Mr Arisetti felt that the security in his apartment was lacklustre and many people could easily enter the guarded premises unauthorized posing threat to the whole community. This compelled him to ponder upon the thought of setting up a security firm himself. He ultimately reached a conclusion to provide services to the communities that will enable them to be aware and prepared enough themselves without much help from others. This led to the founding of his startup Mygate. The company also train the guards for easily operating the app.

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