Motorola’s New Mystery Notchless Device


The company that was used to make the first call from earth to the moon is now slowing fading away from the phone market. The reason for the downfall of the once top brand can be attributed to the growing competition and technologies but also to the lack of intent of the brand to make its mark.
Having said that, the brands seem to have some life still left as pictures of its new device leaks online. Evan Bass is a whistleblower of sorts when it comes to new and upcoming smartphones. He has been blowing the cover from in development smartphones. This time, Evan has leaked 2 pictures of a smartphone that has the Motorola branding on the lower chip of the device. The phone has a full-screen display without any notch or even a punch-hole camera. This points towards the fact that the smartphone might come with a pop-up selfie camera. The reason behind the high chances of a pop-up selfie camera is that the technology isn’t yet commercially ready. Moreover, the price of the devices with an in-display camera will be quite high and Motorola is in no stage to launch such a high priced device.
The back of the phone cannot be seen in the pictures leaked online and one can only play with imagination. However, considering the current trend, there is a high chance of it having a dual or a triple camera set up depending upon the pricing of the device. If one can connect the dots, one will find that Lenovo announced the continuation of its One Series. These smartphones will supposedly run on Android One instead of the regular version of Android. The newly leaked smartphone might be the second generation of the Motorola One series of smartphones after the first one saw mixed reactions.
Lenovo, the Chinese consumer electronics major own the brand Motorola. It has been noticed in the past couple of years that the brand has been facing numerous issues with its products, especially in the smartphone segment. Motorola was first acquired by Google and later sold to Lenovo. The brand was performing well just 2 years ago, but currently, the sales have been falling steeply. The brand failed to compete with the likes of Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo.
It should be noted that Motorola was known for its durable phones. Other features were similar to the competition, but in terms of durability the phones stood out. However, the brand lacked major innovations in its products. Currently, the fate of Lenovo and Motorola smartphones doesn’t look good. Lenovo’s Laptop PCs and Desktop PCs are performing well at the moment. The Thinkpad brand which was acquired by Lenovo from IBM is a major success. Lenovo should only focus on the PC segment as it is its forte, whereas its smartphone business resources should be transferred to the Motorola side of the business and let them excel in the smartphone side of the business. In an attempt to do both, Lenovo seems to be riding two boats at one time.

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