Motorola Launches One Vision In Brazil

Motorola phone on the table

Motorola is a company which is different from all the companies out there. Back in the day, this company was known for bringing groundbreaking technology and making innovative smartphones. It was extremely successful during the feature phone era of the company and it made its name in that market all around the world. The flashy designs of the flip phones is what the world remembered Motorola for.

However, a company which exists for decades together does not struggle with financial problems more often than it struggles to adapt to the new technology. The leadership of the company needs to understand the need to adapt and adapt to the technology of the future and not the present. The reason for this is simple; if the company tries to adopt a tech that is already present, then the competition would be huge and the amount of time required to adapt will be more. During that adaptation time, there might be an innovation that would make the tech in the present irrelevant.

Motorola made the same mistake time and again. It lost its identity in the meantime. However, Lenovo came to the rescue and the new line of smartphones have been promising from Motorola. The company even made a smashing comeback with its budget G series phones. The Motorola G series shattered records in India and the company was in the big boys once again.

Motorola One Vision

Motorola launched its newest design and phone named One Vision. The One Vision is an all screen phone with a hole-punch display. The display is the real deal along with the 48-megapixel sensor plus a 5-megapixel additional camera for the rear setup. The front camera doesn’t fall behind by far as a 25-megapixel camera is in the running on this stacked up device.

The phone was launched in Brazil a day before. One Vision will boast Samsung’s powerful Exynos 9609 chipset. The chipset will have 4 GB ram and 3500 mAh battery to draw power from. The storage capacity of the phone is massive with 125 gigs. The screen is also one of the best with resolution hitting 1080×2520 pixels. The display size for such a powerful unit is 6.30-inches. This is a huge screen with a hole on the top left corner. The phone is going to run on Android 9 pie.

The Price

As mentioned, the phone is launched in Brazil and the price there is around BRL 1,999 which can be roughly translated to INR 35,000. The European cost of the phone is EUR 299 which when converted comes to INR 23,500. The phone is going to be launched in Thailand and Saudi Arabia today while Asia will see the phone in the coming days.

The Latin American market along with the Middle East and Australia will also need to be patient as the phone is going to be released in the coming months there are well. That being said, the phone is launched in two colors; sapphire Blue and Brown.

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