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Monaco is Europe’s First to Use Huawei’s 5G

Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

Tucked away along the coast of France, lies a small but beautiful country named Monaco. It is often in the news either due to the riches it has in terms of its millionaire citizens or due to the prestigious Grand Prix that its narrow streets host each year. However, this time, the micros state has captured the attention of the media due to its leap in technology and collaboration. The country has become the first in Europe to launch 5G network technologies in the country and that too with the help of the Chinese firm Huawei.

Monaco is small enough to be missed on a world map but its wealth is alluring enough to make the country famous for the super-rich of the world. This small but extremely rich country in Europe has attracted people from all over the world to its lavish casinos, luxury hotels, yatch clad harbours and scenic views. The per capita income is one of the highest in the world. The country holds great history since the Roman Empire and played an important role even in modern history during World War II. Monaco’s recent mingling with Huawei has certainly made it the talk of the town.

Monaco became the first country in Europe to have the 5G technologies and coming from Huawei, the countries that were against it are now irked. The United States has been a strong critique of the brand and they have claimed that the brand was involved in espionage. However, Huawei kept denying the reports continuously. The US started with banning Huawei devices for all government officials. They have also banned them from bidding for any of the government contracts. In the recent trade war going on between the US and China, the difficulties for Huawei has grown even more.

Following the USA’s ban on Huawei, many countries followed suit and Huawei soon lost a lot of big contracts all over the world. However, it is far from being a bad time for the company. The reason is the number of contracts that it is still getting from its non-traditional markets. Numerous countries that want to up their digital game need to have a huge and fast internet infrastructure in their respective countries. Huawei, with its technological expertise and price advantage over other Western players in the market, is at an advantage. Huawei can offer advanced technology at a much lower cost as compared to Nokia, Ericsson, Verizon, T-mobile, Samsung and so on.

After the banning in major countries, the European Union’s technology commissioner was concerned about Huawei’s invasion in Europe. Recently, Huawei’s Chief Financial Officer was arrested in Canada for misleading banks about their control over in Iran. This has got the whole world’s eyes on Huawei. Moreover, Google also banned Huawei from its Android platform. This has compelled the company to work on its very own operating system, which the company claims will be better than any existing OS. Only time will tell.

Amidst all the allegations and bans, the future of Huawei although seems dangling, is quite stable against popular belief. The company is in the priority list of numerous countries that want to implement 5G technologies as soon as possible. One of the major countries is India as the country has shown interest in Huawei’s technologies for 5G networks.

Monaco gained so much attention with their move to opt Huawei over other companies is due to its closeness with the Western European major economies such as Germany, France and the UK. The Western European countries share a close relationship with the US and often follow its course of action. However, the trends have started to change and many countries have started acting rogue. Opting Huawei for its 5G technologies is economical for countries as compared to its competitors.

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