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Molekule Air Pro, Commercial Grade Air Purifier For Businesses And Homes

Molekule recently announced it’s launching a new commercial-grade air purifier. The San Francisco-based company says the model, Air Pro, will sell for $1,199 USD and be aimed at re-opening businesses and professionals spaced concerned about clean air. The Air Pro purifier boasts a number of upgrades compared with previous Molekule models, according to the company. The new air cleaner delivers three times better airflow than its previous consumer devices. In addition, it includes a particle sensor, a six-speed manual mode, and two automatic protection modes.

Like the company’s existing home-focused air purifiers, Molekule Air and Molekule Air Mini+, the Air Pro also features PECO technology. Compared to traditional HEPA air purifiers that trap contaminants such as viruses, mold, and chemicals, PECO instead destroys them. However, the Air Pro delivers 3x the airflow of the Air and Air Mini+ and also has enhanced detection which has a claimed 3x detection rate for PM10 (pollen), PM2.5 (dust) to smaller than PM1 (smoke), and down to particles 0.3 microns in size.

“Air Pro marks a significant step in the space of air purification,” said Jaya Rao, CEO of Molekule. “This is a product built for the demands of businesses, offices, and commercial spaces while harnessing the same luxury design as our consumer products. The challenges people face with air quality today has evolved, and COVID-19 has shown us the harsh dangers of microscopic pollutants in the air. Air Pro was built to provide a solution to today’s toxic air, all while continuing to provide users ease of use.”

Per the announcement Molekule claims that third-party testing of the Air Pro demonstrated “greater than 4-log, or 99.99% reduction, of aerosolized RNA virus MS2 in 25 minutes in a standard room size chamber.”

Air Pro is app-enabled so you can control things like fan speed, air quality, and filter status from your phone. Air Pro combines many current Molekule features with new technologies to deliver a state-of-the-art air purification solution for larger spaces.

According to a recent Molekule study which polled 1,000 American consumers, pollution and airborne viruses are leading drivers affecting how consumers are considering re-entering spaces during COVID-19. Survey results showed that 77% of travelers said that air purifiers are an essential part of a hotel room. What’s more, when it comes to America’s commercial reopening, 73% of Americans said they would feel more comfortable eating indoors at a restaurant that has multiple air purifiers on site.

Indeed, it will be interesting to see how this new Air Pro performs. Molekule is a fairly new entrant into the clean air space and has been predominantly touting its PECO technology as a key differentiator. Molekule is offering preorders for its new Air Pro purifier starting today. Although the price tag is set at $1,200 per unit, an introductory discount of $200 will be applied to a limited number of early preorders.


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