Mobile App Development has become Seamless and Quick with DronaHQ’s Low Code App Development Platform

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Applications define the use of smartphones that most of the internet users are familiar with. Applications help the users of smartphones to perform numerous tasks seamlessly without the need of opening a browser and logging in to different websites. Enterprises have almost always faced difficulty in maintaining numerous records and data both internally and externally. They have been using numerous web-based platforms in the past but nothing comes close to DronaHQ.

Deltecs Infotech Pvt. Ltd is a Mumbai based company that started out way back in 2007. Till date, it has raised around $1 million. Divyesh Kharade (co-founder and CEO) and Jinen Dedhia (co-founder and MD) were classmates in college and they were also colleagues in Wipro where the idea came to their mind to develop such as a platform. Now Wipro is one of the major clients of DronaHQ. Moreover, their clientele includes names such as Colgate, LTI, Hindustan Unilever, Kotak, Pfizer, Dell, Deloitte, Capgemini and many more reputed companies.

Benefits of Applications for Businesses

It has been observed that mobile applications are often faster than typical websites. The users as well the employees can work and connect with each other seamlessly over specifically designed application either for internal or for external purposes. The users’ preference is also crucial for business and the applications help in keeping a tab on that.

Personalized contents can be curated to each and every user over a single application. For example, an application for leave application and approval can be used by the employee and the manager simultaneously; the employee can send in the application whereas the manager can approve and decide whether to grant the leave or not over the same application.

The feature of instant access either online or offline to the contents over an application is an added benefit for most enterprises. Push notifications and instant updates can also be sent to users through the application for various purposes. These activities help in increased productivity improvement and greater reduction in the overall cost.

Develop Applications in Far Less Time as Compared to the Traditional Methods

DronaHQ Website
[DronaHQ Website]
What if someone tells you that you can now develop an application very quickly with the basic know-how of coding and app development?

Yes, you read that right. DronaHQ allows the developers with mid-level experience or the personnel who have some experience of the low code development sphere to develop applications in far less time as compared to the traditional method.

The Internet has been the single most powerful invention that has changed the way humans live, interact with others, acquire knowledge and so much more. The use of internet has increased manifolds since the advent of smartphones as it empowers the common users with the power of internet on their handheld devices. With the smartphones, came the phone based applications. They have become so immersive that the whole world is kind of addicted to them at the moment. Moreover, the sheer utility of these applications make them extremely useful for the large organization for carrying out their numerous internal as well as external functions smoothly.

For the purpose of app development, any company needs a huge team of developers who would develop and maintain the applications. This is where platforms such as DronaHQ comes in to help the companies as well as individuals to develop apps very easily. The time required for the development of the application using the DronaHQ platform has been simplified enough that the rollout time for a typical app has been reduced to a mere 7 days from the traditional 3 weeks.

Business Model

There have been people and companies in the past all around the world, which had some amazing ideas. However, they could not sustain because of their poor business model. It becomes extremely crucial for any company to design a business model that is sustainable for them in the long run and fortunately DronaHQ has been successful in this department.

The basic business model of the company is as follows:

  1. Subscription based model – Clients purchase a yearly subscription of the DronaHQ platform in which they get an app and the access to the platform for app development.
  2. Additional payments – The company charges addition on every additional application that the client develops and rolls out under the DronaHQ platform either for internal or external purposes.

Deltecs’ CEO, Divyesh Kharade, during the pitching of DronaHQ session was asked about the success mantra behind the platform. The mistakes that other players made are the ones that Deltecs do not make. According to the co-founders, they have learned from others’ mistakes and try to avoid them as far as possible without curtailing on the risk factor that would lead them to massive growth.

Users’ comments

The platform has been used by a few of our colleagues over the past few days and their reviews are as follows:

From a low code developer’s perspective

The starting page of the website is quite easy to start with it. However, nearing the end of the first process, it became a little difficult for the amateurs to understand the completion process. The people who face difficulties in the app development process within the platform have an option to click on a help button that would lead them to a 24*7 intercom facility available from the company itself. This would help the developers to get through the development process in a breeze. Moreover, the platform also has preset templates available for the developers’ reference that would also help them in the process.

DronaHQ Help Option
[DronaHQ Help option]
Although the video tutorials are not available as of now, it would be made available by the platform very soon as per reports from the company personnel.


  • Universal app, controlling the flow of the application, enterprise-ready are the best the features of DronaHQ.
  • For small scaled applications it is good.
  • The cost and time required for development would be low.
  • It’s possible to achieve a fast work pace than writing all the code by hand by using presets.
  • More beginner friendly.


  • It would be difficult to optimize and scale the application
  • Difficult to maintain and review the auto-generated code
  • Modification in the code could create unusual problems
  • It is a hectic task to debug the application.

From an Experienced Coder’s Perspective

The User Interface (UI):

  • It is lightweight, looks elegant and has speedy screen transitions.
  • The UI has multifunctional elements with pre-implemented functions, which can be handled by property changes.
  • The colour change options to change theme is also good along with the basic font options.


Logic Functionality to Handle Software:

  • Easy if-else statements, by which the user can design conditional application flow
  • The platform can be even better by adding multilevel if-else, simple looping statements and case statements
  • For database and tabular view, there is “sheet” element, formulas and regular expressions can be handled by this
  • The sheet API is very useful, a non-tech user may require some basic knowledge and understanding of how programming language function executes.
  • A non-technical user can make an app with high-level UI and basic to intermediate backend functionality application.
  • Technical user or programmers can also use it. DronaHQ has external API call support, so programmers can build API in a regular programming language to have extra functionality too.



  1. More database memory support for technical and non-technical users, or cloud SQL and N-SQL integration support.
  2. end user level application security should be improved. It seems the android app can be affected by malicious tools. but current security feature is also not bad.
  3. but after all low code is low code, a shortcut can be useful for small functionality only, not feasible for giant applications.


The platform seemed fairly easy for both technical as well as non-technical people to work with. However, the first time users would surely need basic training for using the platform efficiently. The readiness of the platform, the ease of application development, security of the platform and its application and the pace at which the applications can be developed makes the application very attractive for big corporates.

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