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Midea refrigerators’ V-Tech anti-physical challenge has come true


On March 14th, Chen Mo, the chief training officer of Midea Refrigerator, was a little excited and nervous in the process of “Ice and Water in the Box” experiment. This “anti-physical” challenge is not only an experiment but also a touchstone for technological innovation.

The subject of the experiment is the beauty of the refrigerator loaded V-Tech smart preservation core. Through the magical phenomenon of “ice does not melt into water, water does not freeze” ice water and the same frame, it proves that the micro-crystal refrigerator equipped with V-tech intelligent preservation core can provide the best preservation plan for meat ingredients.

These refrigerator products have an unprecedented recognition of the meat structure, which can bring a new taste of meat preservation the taste is as good as before, the nutrition is not lost, and it is not easy to cut. This is the core of this theme experiment.

Taste and nutrition are the ultimate pursuit of consumers for delicious food; food is fresh and original, and consumers are obsessed with good ingredients.

However, when the ingredients are stored frozen in the refrigerator, it is inevitable that there will be problems such as loss of nutrients and poor taste. In particular, precious ingredients such as high-grade fresh meat and imported seafood are more likely to lose their umami taste and become a tasteless taste of food.

The beauty of the refrigerator loaded V-Tech intelligent preservation core to solve this problem.

Chen Mo, Chief Training Officer of Midea [BLUETECHNOLOGY]
What are the technical activities behind “anti-physical”?

What ordinary consumers see is perhaps just the appearance of physical experiments. For example, whether ice melts into water and whether water is formed into ice. Behind this result that most people can see is another breakthrough in technology. The seemingly simple experiment is supported by many technical and equipment systems. Let’s do an anatomy today.

The first is the probe. The experimental microcrystalline refrigerator is equipped with a radar temperature probe inside, which can accurately adjust the temperature for the freezing point of different ingredients. Different meat ingredients, their internal meat quality structure is different, and the corresponding freezing point is also different.

The built-in temperature sensor in the micro-cavity accurately senses the crystal state of different parts of different meats, and through the anti-freezing law, the intelligent cooling technology keeps the ingredients in the best preservation state of the crystallites. Followed by the anti-freezing law intelligent cold delivery and 5-dimensional stereo temperature freezing point detection. In the process of the technology upgrade, a more abundant food database has been established, and the research on ingredients is more precise and detailed.

At the same time, the sensitivity of the intelligent radar sensing is optimized, and the built-in temperature sensor in the micro-cabin can accurately sense the crystal state of different parts of different meats, and the intelligent cooling technology through the anti-freezing law makes the ingredients always in the best of the crystallites. Preservation status.

Third, new technology guarantees the taste of the food. From the aspect of food taste, ice does not mean water, which means that the temperature in the micro-cavity is enough to ensure the preservation of the ingredients. The water does not freeze, which proves that the micro-cavity control of the freezing point recognition and icing state is very precise, and it is slightly crystallized, which can preserve the initial nutritional taste of the ingredients.

Since ancient times, the human pursuit of food storage freshness has never stopped. Nowadays, consumers’ dietary requirements have long evolved from “satisfying” to “eat well”. Eating healthy, eating nutritious, and eating deliciously has gradually become a necessary condition for modern families to enjoy eating and living happily.

The above-mentioned “Ice Water and the Box Challenge” was officially unpacked after 24 hours of sealing. The 3.5% salt water in the micro-cavity did not freeze into ice, and the ice did not show any signs of melting. The bluefin tuna was still ruddy. Flexible.

Chen Yafei, Marketing Director of Midea Refrigerator China
Chen Yafei, Marketing Director of Midea Refrigerator China [BlueTechnology]
The refrigerator used big data research

“From last year’s salmon 168 hours of freshman challenge, to this year’s ‘ice water with the box’ challenge, the Midea refrigerator has been challenging the industry’s ‘impossible’, refreshing the industry’s standards, in fact, this confidence stems from the beauty of the team In-depth study on the preservation of ingredients, and the ‘ice water with the box’ anti-day challenge can be successfully completed, behind the support of the V-Tech intelligent preservation core that Chen Mo said, this will also be the Midea refrigerator 2019 for users The preservation of the freshness.” Chen Yafei, Marketing Director of Midea Refrigerator China, said.

In fact, the Midea V-Tech smart preservation core has a technical iteration. It is reported that this experiment is based on the 2019 micro-crystal system configuration on the basis of 1.0, upgraded to 2.0 smart chip results.

Based on the research of the food database and the research experience and habits of 40,000 real users of meat and seafood, V-Tech has established a more extensive database of ingredients to make the research of ingredients more precise and detailed. Not only has beef and salmon been carefully studied, but also big data diffusion studies have been conducted on meat, poultry, and seafood.

Big data research not only helps management but also helps to optimize the way to provide consumers with better food preservation methods by collecting user’s food preferences and optimizing through technical iterations.

The beauty of the “ice and water with the box” of the anti-day magical phenomenon once again subvert the refrigerator preservation awareness. It fully proves that under the fresh-keeping environment of the micro-crystal refrigerator, the original taste of the ingredients can be preserved, and the long-lasting and non-freezing fresh-keeping effect can be achieved, which will inevitably bring a pleasant experience to everyone who pursues high-quality life.

AWE 2019 is a new technology show, and many refrigerator companies regard food preservation as a breakthrough and selling point.

In the market environment of concept and gimmicks, Midea has begun to lay out in 2017, from “water molecule activation and preservation technology” to micro-crystalline refrigerators, which can be said to be close to users and resonate with them.

In 2019, a refrigerator “preservation” campaign is starting, V-Tech blessing will make the Midea refrigerator have a more obvious advantage in the competition.

[Blue Technology] Xiaoqing

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