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Microsoft’s Bing seizes to exist in China as it faces the block from the government

Microsoft is the second largest company in the world after the great collapse of Apple. It is a company which runs the PC world and is now foraying into different spaces. It recently quit support for two of its major operating systems. One of the first operating systems was Windows 7 where they announced that from 2020 it will be discontinuing its support for the same. This was a sad day for Windows enthusiast as it was one of the stable versions of Windows after Windows XP.

Apart from this, it pulled the plug on Windows 10 Mobile, the operating system for Windows Phones. In its statement, it asked the users to switch to Android and iOS so that they could enjoy the applications made by Microsoft. This came as a blow to the Windows phone users. That said, the users have been dealt with enough bad news as their successfully run Bing search engine seems to have received the red flag in China.

China is a country which believes in their own products and doesn’t want any competition from the outside world. They do not let any tech giant enter their country as they want to have their own companies to grow and win in China. That said, Microsoft was the only running outside search engine that had managed to be present in China. Google was asked to leave and there is no Facebook. Social media applications like Instagram don’t exist in China. Even WhatsApp is banned in the country and they have their own apps for the same. WeChat acts as everything social media while Twitter’s clone is Weibo.

However, Microsoft’s search engine Bing was able to survive the Great Firewall and seemed to be the only working engine. In spite of that, a recent search on Bing’s China website led to a result which said the server cannot be reached. Recently, The Financial Times had reported that China Unicorn which is a state-owned telecommunication company had asked the Chinese government to block the US-based search engine. This might be the reason why Bing was thrown out of China.

Bing had followed all the rules and regulations the Chinese government had put forth the search engine and was running smoothly. All the inappropriate content was taken out and even after this the engine now seizes to exist in China. This has happened a second time to Microsoft as Skype, their video calling service app was taken off Android’s Play store and Apple’s app store.

Google also has to stay away from the Asian country as it was blocked in 2010 and has never tried to enter the country again. Sunder Pichai, also confirmed that the tech giant has no interest in entering China.

-Unmesh Phule

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