Microsoft set to transform India with it a digital transformation sooner than expected

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Digital transformation is a thing of the present and also is the key to the future. All the countries are working towards digitally transforming and so is the subcontinent of India. India might not be a developed country as of now but it is surely one of the leading countries when it comes to digitization. India and the companies in the subcontinent have managed to turn to digitization as swiftly as possible.

However, there is going to another change in the country. Microsoft is the company which is going to act as a catalyst as India is going to be hit with Artificial Intelligence wave soon. Microsoft India, which has a stronghold in India and has a huge network is going to bring this change. There is going to be another wave and all the IT companies and many other entities which can be digitized in some or the other way are going to face AI.

Microsoft India has touted the highest installation of AI skills in order to digitally transform the country. Artificial Intelligence will be used by 85% of the companies or enterprises in the world in one way or the other. Indian firms are not far behind as they are gaining ground faster than previously assumed. This information was provided by Anant Maheshwari who is the president of Microsoft India.

The GDP components in India, about eight percent of it, is driven by digital technology in India. The transformation is going to be so huge that by the year 2021, almost sixty percent of the same is going to be affected by digital technology. It is like a chain reaction, a department is struck by the wave of digital transformation and almost all the companies in that sector fall in line.

Microsoft’s intelligent cloud Cloud which is AI driven also the Intelligent Edge is used widely in the country. The numbers are insane when it comes to Microsoft India and its clients. Almost 97% of the banks in India are the clients of Microsoft not only this they have 75% retailers of the highest quality under their umbrella. The list doesn’t end here, 75% of the big pharma companies and 67% of the biggest healthcare companies are also clients of Microsoft.

To name a few customers of Microsoft India; Wipro, L&T Technology Services, Future Generali, and Apollo Hospitals. Microsoft has over 9500 partners, 88 own IP-ready partners, over 3000 Cloud partners in India. The country has a business which runs on AI even today, to put a number on that fact, there are 700 companies which use AI-driven software which is huge for a developing nation.

That said, Microsoft has played a huge role in this. They have around 54 Azure Cloud regions which are more than Google and AWS put together. The Intelligent Cloud, Intelligent Edge and a spurt of Data coupled with AI is set to transform the country even further.

-Unmesh Phule

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