Microsoft Neo and Duo Setting Foldable Devices Benchmark

Surface Duo

Microsoft held its annual product unveiling session in New York on 1st October. It revealed some amazing devices this year as well as some refreshes to its existing lineup too. The most striking thing of all is that the company is slowly moving out of its comfort zone and doing the unexpected in an attempt to stay relevant to the modern tech enthusiasts and users alike.

The event saw the Microsoft officials unveil a few devices ranging from the big Surface laptops to the small surface wireless earbuds. While the most waited of them all was the upgrades of the Surface laptops and Surface Pro, the most exciting and surprising were the two foldable devices from the brand.

The larger of the two devices named Surface Neo comes with two 9 inch display. The device is foldable but doesn’t sort the faulty foldable screen. Instead, it uses a foldable hinge design with two displays that makes the device sleeker as well as very safe. The major innovation from Microsoft comes in the software department where the modified version of the windows just feels stunning in terms of utility. The software goes well with the device’s form factor.

The Surface Neo is powered by an Intel processor that would smoothly run all the traditional apps that consumers generally use on their devices. On the software part, the Surface Neo runs a modified version of the Windows 10 named Windows 10X. This is not an entirely different OS from the brand but is very much customized for the upcoming foldable devices. The vision of the company is that it can be used by many brands such as Lenovo, LG, Asus, which already have dual display devices.

The smaller Duo came with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset. Microsoft announced that these devices will be launched no earlier than the next year’s holiday season which is late into the year. This means that till the time, these devices are launched the latest Snapdragon 865 would have already been launched. This is why Microsoft did not comment on the fact that the Surface Duo will be launched with the 855 chipset; they most probably will include the 865 chipset. Moreover, it might also have 5G capabilities as it will start getting popular from the mid of next year especially in the developed markets where these devices will be in demand due to the high pierce points.

The most surprising thing about the Surface duo is that it runs Google’s Android. It was kind of difficult to imagine seeing the two tech giants Microsoft and Google working together on any project. This new partnership looks very attractive anyway. Just like the Windows 10X feel stunning on the bigger device Neo, the Android running on the smaller device Duo also feels quite stunning.

Having two 5.6 inches display in a similar but smaller form factor like the Neo makes it an interesting device that is somewhere in between a smartphone and a tablet. On the one hand, it is large enough to consume digital media very well. On the other hand, the device is compact enough to fit into a pocket and be carried easily around.

No reviewers were allowed to use the devices extensively, especially when it was powered on due to maintaining some privacy. However, the presentation by the company executives and also the two promotional videos released by Microsoft makes the devices quite alluring. The tech reviewers from all over the Youtube seem to love the devices’ aesthetics and also the performance at least on paper.

The early unveiling of these devices is confusing to many but it is crucial for the company. The primary reason is to showcase the brand as a major player in the futuristic foldable device game. Moreover, it also wants hardware manufacturers and software/application developers to come on board and develop the device-specific applications that are heavily customized for two-screen usage. As of now, the home-grown Windows 10X seems to work perfectly with the Neo.

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